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[Chat (Android)] Help selecting heros for GW, etc.

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Posted on 7/14/19 1:36:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone I am on here asking for advice on hero selection with pet best suits them for and talent. I'll attach my heroes below . Please give me advice on which heroes will be good for GW, Lybrith ,HBM, Archdemon, wardens, arena ,etc. Castle Clash I created a link instead due to pics being to big to upload. My apologies

Posted on 7/14/19 6:51:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, from my point of view I would use these Heroes:

1) GW: Use Healer Pets, and Doom Ballon (ATQ).

ATQ: Lavanica, Lazulix, Ripper, Wallawalla, Demogorgon/Bogeyman and Cirrina.
DEF: Lavanica, Lazulix, Ripper/Skeletica/Athene, Wallawalla, Sasquatch and GS.

2) Storm Mesa 4: Use your Heroes Evo/Devo while you level up your other Heroes, still you can play Lava 3 (min. Evo and Skill 7-8). GS and PD will be helpfull in Lava 3.

3) LR: Use Heroes you want. This mode is to try new Heroes or combinations of them.

4) Labyrinth: You could use as your main 9: Lavanica, Lazulix, Ripper, Bogeyman, Rosaleen, Sasquatch, Athene, Wallawalla and GS. For Goblins, search in YouTube what Heroes use for each of them.

5) Heroes Trial: GW base + GW Heroes.

6) HBM: Use GW heroes. GW Base except in High waves (+AF) where you need to put in differents part some buildings and Army Camp with troops, and use Empower Talent/Insignia.

7) Dungeon: It depends on which dungeons you go. Better to say in which you are stuck and sure someplayer can help you.

8) Arena: Lavanica, Lazulix, Sasquatch, Wallawalla, Ripper/Athene and GS, both ATQ and DEF. When ballon event is active, put elite in DEF.

9) Forgotten Trial: the same I ask in dungeon.

10) Ember Army: GW Base with GW team DEF.

Ufff, for talents will take a time to say to which each one. Better you see these charts and you decide which put:

Healer Pets are important, Glacie to destroy Towers (Dungeon, Storm Mesa/lava or GW ATK), and Drogo, Hareforce One, Doom Ballon, Piblob and PunchingBox for GW ATK (you decide which use).

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