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[Chat (Android)] Congrats, IGG. You made me a P2W.

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Posted on 7/21/19 11:09:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Okay... So the rewards were worth the 10$. So I came into the game and checked the bazaar for any one-gem pack. There was nothing. So I came into the coupon spinner, and got a coupon with golden books and 350k fame which I could get if I buy gems. There was also a 1-for-1 pack offer... So I thought: "God, if there's a $5 or $10 pack which is worth it, I am going to buy it...". And I found it. 10$ pack which consisted of 1600 zenith stones (ignoring these as I do not have an use for them yet), 10 event coins , 10 hero tokens and 10 magic dust. Ignoring the zenith stones, these were all items I wanted as they are bazaar-only currencies, so I went for it... So I got the items I wanted, again the same items due to 1-for-1, the coupon rewards, 1400 gems and prizes in gem buying events...
I never bought any microtransation in any game, but due to the occurence  of certain random events, I went for the pack. Congrats, IGG.

Posted on 7/21/19 2:46:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think you wanted to write P2P, not P2W. P2W are spending huge amounts of cash, just make sure they will win with everyone. 
With amount of cash you spent it is hard to call you P2W.
But this is why offers like those exist. There may be point, when F2P will decide they want jump in development, and those pack can make it happen.

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