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[Chat (Android)] Droggo and hare force

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Posted on 7/29/19 3:36:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So where do these 2 rank among pets? And where are they useful? Are they worth spending gems and effort to get or not really?

Ive got all other pets at least L21 and ordinary ones to L35, with skills maxed for the level in each case.

Posted on 7/30/19 1:15:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In my opinion they can be handy, but in certain scenarios.
Hareforce One can stun enemies, and deal 5x more damage which can be useful in raids, PvP (stun) or in Archdemon (5x damage). Additional stun can always help a little.
As for Draggo situation is similar, but i can see him useful mostly in Archdemon, Challenge a Warden battle, PvP maybe cause of reflecting damage. As we know reflecting damage can be good in every mode where our heroes are attacked, just we can't decide which hero will be shielded.

Sp tp conclude, yes i think they are useful. Is it worth to use 3k gems in Egg Hatch-A-Thron for Draggo ?? I think yes (if you can afford it of course). More not necessarily imo.

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