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[Chat (Android)] recent updates became more and more expensive

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Posted on 8/21/19 2:31:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I noticed, in the updates, it became more and more expensive. They all involve money. Longtime players feel the game loses quality, 'free-player' starts to give up because they can't follow, resulting in fewer players, the rest of the players feel bored. The good hero appearance rate is biased at high-strength players (I spent 100000 gems to recruit heroes but only 2 Gen Lazulix cards). We can't play hard, just spend money.

p/s: in the Vietnam server, you have to spend x4 more than the EN version.

Posted on 8/21/19 2:56:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

100k gems for rolling ?? That's huge i must say, but for P2P i bet this is not that much. And still no hero ? Do you were rolling just like that our of nowhere or you tried to roll on specific event day ?? There is an event which is allowing to roll 1 purple hero every 1500k gems, so next time try to roll during that event.
As for Expensive gameplay i can't tell cause i am F2P, but as for now i am enjoying game, even though like 90% of enemy bases have Lava or Zephy or even both, which is too much for me to deal with, but i am not giving up. I think  i do have solution to this problem, but it might take some time to do it.
Can't tell for other F2P though, but i think you can't tell either. We can agree that some of players are not happy with that, no matter if P2P or F2P, some players gave up, and rest is trying to adjust.

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Posted on 8/21/19 3:21:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I rolled two times, 70000 for normal roll and 30 000 for event roll, but the event roll is worse :( I no longer believe in rolling

Posted on 8/21/19 11:40:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

No idea how you rolled twice with 100000 gems, but whatever. The game is clearly going down and IGG is milking us while they can. Sad

Posted on 8/21/19 12:57:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Actually OP the heroes have gotten a lot cheaper then before the bazaar, when the only way to obtain them was via rolling or perhaps winning in an event.  Now you can wait until the hero you desire reaches the price level you want. There has also been a series of F2P events to enable F2P members to obtain needed resources and heroes.  Having said that you are free to voice your opinion, good, bad or indifferent, however you should refrain from attempting to speak for other as I know members from both sectors who would disagree with everything you have said.


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