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[Chat (Android)] Game Mode Feedback

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Posted on 8/30/19 1:37:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Greetings Clashers,  

By now everyone should be familiar with the ☆Facebook Event [We want you!]☆ survey that ended 8/30 12:00pm PT.  Review of the survey itself brought the realization that members were not allowed to effectively provide comprehensive feedback as to the underlying causes of their likes and dislikes of the various game modes.  Here is an additional opportunity to share your personal opinion to IGG on the various game modes.  As always we ask that you do so in a manner which is acceptable for an age appropriate social environment.  These feedback threads are a very important bridge between IGG and the player base, so you should take them seriously and participate whenever possible.  I urge you all to let your voices be heard at this stage [Feedback] as it is certainly more proactive to help formulate the decisions to improve the game, then to complain after the fact and advocate for fixes that might otherwise not be needed.

Following are the game modes covered by the survey:
*Solo Competition [Arena, Hero Expedition]
*Team Competition [Torch Battle, GuildWars, Fortress Fued]
*Solo Dungeons [Ordinary, Expert, Insane]
*Multi-Player Co-op Modes [Team Dungeons, Team Here Be Monsters] WG/Lava/IS/WR/LS - 
                                                   Up to 4 player modes

*Castle Crisis
*Here Be Monsters
*Squad Showdown
*Lost Realm
*Lost Battlefield
*Arid Ruins
*Challenge A Warden
*Blitz Guantlet

Please clearly specify each game mode you are commenting on, adding anything [on topic] which you feel has been excluded, and let us know how many of the game modes you play on a regular basis.  Additional helpful commentary could include whether you think there are enough, not enough or too many game modes, and accordingly which should be redesigned, removed or new modes to be added.  Thank you all for taking the time to help fine tune the game we all love.  Happy Clashing!!


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Posted on 8/31/19 1:36:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please Watch This Video IGG  by JudiciousFire

Edit: I thought I would give as condensed a summary of my opinions as possible for the game:

*Solo Competition [Arena, Hero Expedition]  -For me personally boring but Arena is a good competition media for high end players and Expedition is a good practice mode for newer players.
*Team Competition [Torch Battle, GuildWars, Fortress Fued] - Torch Battle timing should be revised to include more of the game's global following.  GuildWars/Fortress Fued needs better match ups, I think altering the timing when matchups are decided to a time closer to the starting of the events would solve the issue of extremely mixmatched pairings.
*Solo Dungeons [Ordinary, Expert, Insane] - Don't have any comments at the moment
*Multi-Player Co-op Modes [Team Dungeons, Team Here Be Monsters] WG/Lava/IS/WR/LS - 
                                                   Up to 4 player modes
Some thought should be given into making the random rooms more efficient
*Castle Crisis - Feature needs to be run more consistently - one ends in a 1-1/2 days, while the other two run for a week - have all three features run the same length of time.
*Here Be Monsters - Ok
*Labyrinth - Mobs should be spaced no more then 5 tiles apart and the level of difficulty should increase as you move up. So there should never be maxed heroes with maxed breakthroughs on the first few levels.
*Squad Showdown - imho, it is pretty boring and does not provide the practice benefit we initially thought.
*Lost Realm - A very popular feature and does not appear to have many complaints
*Lost Battlefield - Another popular mode, but with the new breakthrough buffs is experiencing more and more timeouts, so some thought needs to be put into eliminating this issue as it is leading to a growing dislike of the mode.
*Arid Ruins - Again, pretty boring imo, but a useful means to obtain resources for newer and f2p members.
*Challenge A Warden - I just don't have anything good to say about this one, so yeah... A big fat fail.
*Blitz Guantlet - Relatively new, but I don't like the fact that you have to purchase inside of a game mode for advancement.

Aside from this I think it is time for some existing wish list items like [Suggestion] quick setup / Favorite List to be implemented.  Given the number of different game modes, I also think there needs to be a listing ingame of daily events.  

M - New Sign In 
Tu - New Season Labyrinth
W - TorchBattle
Th - GuildWars....etc


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Posted on 9/3/19 4:04:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Since you're taking your time to try and make Castle Clash a better game, I will give my opinions about the stated gamemodes:

*Solo Competition [Arena, Hero Expedition]  -Can be fun for practice, weekly rewards are as bad as they were 5 years back. Useless gamemode but like I said, can be fun to do once in a while.
*Team Competition [Torch Battle, GuildWars, Fortress Fued] - Never really understood the purpose of torch battle, guildwars seems to be worked on and im fine with fortress fued
*Solo Dungeons [Ordinary, Expert, Insane] - Decent rewards for f2p, decent challenges for both p2p and f2p
*Multi-Player Co-op Modes [Team Dungeons, Team Here Be Monsters] WG/Lava/IS/WR/LS - 
                                                   Up to 4 player modes
New stages are cool and all but way too difficult to beat. requires a miracle if you dont have many active(!!!!!), heavy p2p friends.
*Castle Crisis - again, rewards date back from the stone age. dont see any reason to play this
*Here Be Monsters - sure good for f2p
*Labyrinth - has potential but isnt fun atm. same reasons you provided.
*Squad Showdown - might be the least touched gamemode? forgot this existed tbh, should be removed. utterly useless.
*Lost Realm - this gamemode sucks. don't have any reason at all to even look at this. battles are boring and the rewards are almost as bad as they were when this first came out despite "having updated rewards" big joke tbh. gives way too little for the cost of anything that needs blue/red crystals. still gives crests. doesnt include every talent. why.
*Lost Battlefield - also the timeouts. boring. free gems once per week are eh ok
*Arid Ruins - competing for being the least touched gamemode. either remove or completely revamp it because its repetive and the rewards arent even good for any of my smurf accounts
*Challenge A Warden - agreeing with you, this is the the worst gamemode. its boring to watch the fight, even if you win it. rewards are trash.
*Blitz Guantlet - really hard to get to the max level unless you buy accolades/however theyre called. and the rewards are bad compared to 5 dollar packs in bazaar if you look at all the effort you need to put in. rewards for the f2p path are.. interesting? got lvl 8 insignias, and you get a total of 10 lvl 10 talent runes at lvl 43 but reaching that without the pass/a purchase? has potential. early rewards are bad though.

Posted on 9/4/19 4:52:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

OK, here are my feedback:

*Solo Competition [Arena, Hero Expedition]  - play Arena only when there is balloon event. The rewards are useless. The Expedition is a still good for some resources when needed.
*Team Competition [Torch Battle, GuildWars, Fortress Fued] - Torch Battle is useless mode, but not the worst.   GuildWars/Fortress Fued are interesting modes, but need to review the rewards. *Solo Dungeons [Ordinary, Expert, Insane] - still decent rewards and interesting modes, need some strategies that make them interested
*Multi-Player Co-op Modes [Team Dungeons, Team Here Be Monsters] WG/Lava/IS/WR/LS - 
                                                   Up to 4 player modes
Still Good enough for resources. 
*Castle Crisis - Agreed with you, but need to review the rewards. Otherwise less and less people play it.
*Here Be Monsters - Still good for resources.
*Labyrinth - Agreed with you. But the poor rewards made me not play it anymore.
*Squad Showdown - useless mode, One of the worst game mode in CC.
*Lost Realm - useful only for new f2p players, but even for them, it take a lot of time for a little bit resources. The rewards are completely outdated except the boss. 
*Lost Battlefield - Good game mode, need to fix the timeout problem. Many suggestions to solve this problem. My choice is when timeout happen, who have more hero alive win, in case of parity, the attack side win. Actually the defense side always win!
*Arid Ruins - Could be interesting if the reward is OK at least for F2P. played at the beginning. But now never played it again.
*Challenge A Warden - one of the worst game mode.
*Blitz Guantlet - another time consuming game mode with a little bit rewards only for p2p. The opponents are often maxout heros. They should be random like ride.

Currently there are some game modes can be removed completely, some game modes need to reviews the rewards. Don't like they introduce more and more types of resources/coins to make progress. You can made needed more and more of the same types of existent resources instead of introduce new ones. ... 

Posted on 9/4/19 5:53:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Putting breakthrough stuff(crystals and stones) on most gamemodes will do nicely however if gonna put it like 1 crystal per certain amount of sweep/completion dont even bother doing tht
It needs to be at least 5 or 10 per sweeping/completion

Add more ways to get red/blue crystal

And blitz gauntlet can use some revamp like fair matchmaking just like the raid matchmaking system

Posted on 9/5/19 9:20:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My suggestion for labyrinth would be to simple increase the maximum amount of stamina you can have from say 30 to 50 or maybe even 60. Otherwise to progress any distance you have to use stamina cards.

Posted on 9/8/19 7:52:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think that in general the gamemodes are not too bad and they even are fun to play. Some need too much time to spend on them (labyrinth, lava, team here be monsters, squad showdown blitz gauntlet when you only meet 30/30 breaktrought and 9/9 empower zephyrica even when only in top 10'000) but its all about rewards. If the rewards were really great, I would not have any problem playing labyrinth for 45 minutes. Two of the best exemples of garbage rewards are torch battle and arid ruins. I think there should be some prime bags, castle chest, prime insignia packs, prime insignia chest, initing stones, apex crystals, zenith stones, skin scraps, insignia runes, lavanica bags ( also maybe some zephyrica bags ?), pet bags, easter eggs, blue and red crystals (I mean a lot of them)and the last but not the least :fame. It might seems too much and not fair for P2p players but what I suggest is something like that: one or two castle chest 1-6 in guild war, a chance to win a prime insignia pack lvl 5 on firendly wheel, a chance to get skin scrapps of any hero on here be monsters, maybe some initing stones in lost realm, etc (those ae exemples of rewards not necesseary what I really want to see). In summary, I'm tired to claim 12000 HB and 960 shards from torch battles, I would like to be able to get cool items like castle chests from game modes, even in low quantity.