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Posted on 10/12/19 9:52:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I know some players don't find it quite useful, but today's free Clasher's Day pack contained 20 FREE PET TOKENS, which are event-exclusive and give a guaranteed super pet chance AND a 1:2 chance you get a mutant pet! Finally, my collection of event-only currencies is complete! (except hero tokens but I had them awhile ago)
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excessive caps in your title are not allowed.

Ingamename censored
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As stated above, all or excessive (unnecessary) "CAPS" are not allowed in the thread titles, please use your inside voice.


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Posted on 10/13/19 4:19:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am with you (except those caps). Free pet crystals is something huge. now we need to either buy, or farm enough Spawning Agents to hatch them, and enough Pet Snacks to upgrade them..... I am guessing it will take time. Looks like i need to keep farming LR, cause i have almost used all Radiant Hawn crystals from exchange event, and now i have 20 more... back to work

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