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[Chat (Android)] Lost land is beyond broken and unbalanced

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Posted on 11/22/19 6:22:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It this game mode is meant to be taken seriously something has to be done about these unkillable hero's like dove keeper... I just went up vs one and had 6 hero's attacking her and I was unable to kill her... 2 hero's have LVL 5 malice and gun slinger... All the reduce healing I could possible get and she still ranked my team for the entire time...

Only solution... Buy bloody Mary and ignore damage cap... Congrats to IGG you make another game mode that pushes the community away by simply making impossible modes unless you pay to beat them

Posted on 11/22/19 9:36:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Everytime a new game mode comes out we have someone complaining that it is unbeatable, and shortly thereafter there are all kinds of guides showing how easy it really is.  I can only suggest you keep trying on your own or you wait until someone else figures it out for you.:angel:


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Posted on 11/22/19 9:49:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Zeph is worse, but not every tile has Zeph (or Dove).   But if you run into cases where both tiles you can pick has one... yeah, showstopper.

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Posted on 11/22/19 10:13:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First lady the issue is the game has been plagued by this for a while now with unkillable hero's.
Like I said asside from a hero that ignores damage cap killing them isn't possible.

The simple fact comes down to the devs need to start figuring out how to avoid brick walls like this. A dove keeper or any hero for that matter shouldn't be able to tank a full team of 6 hero's for 1m20sec under any condition. Thats being brick walled by broken mechanics.
I agree there should be a challenge aspect to it but it shouldn't be a brick wall.
They basically stole this game mode from AFK arena and that game does it perfectly. It's hard sometimes but you can re arrange your team to beat it, this is just impossible no matter what you do

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Posted on 11/22/19 2:41:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Stealth+survival dove vs my 6- lava dove creation ronin Rosa and gs.
Here creation is very useful. Once his electric bolt stuck on dove..even invisibility couldn't help her to prevent dmg. Use malaise and try to put some dps and crit. I saved my pd specially for her alone but didn't require this time.
This is how I defeated her today in expert mode after losing in previous session by her at last stage last dragon last hero-Dove. So today I entered only for her.
She's really my favorite ;) but yeah rival dove hurts too :(

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Posted on 11/23/19 3:41:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

@FirstLady I get it now, you don't play the game. Because if you did you would have known that "unkillable" heroes have been plaguing this game in multiple game modes for months now. Stealth + Survival + Dodge, Dove and Zephyrica are virtually impossible to kill for normal players. Same goes for certain Ronin specs. You need to drop hundreds of dollars for a Bloody Mary and completely rework your team to maybe stand a chance.

Check out this video from Medvedev He is the highest might player in the world and he can't kill that Zephyrica on Normal Mode with a Bloody Mary and with a fully maxed out BT 30 teams of the best heroes. How is a normal player supposed to? We aren't even talking about the Advanced and Hell modes. This is supposed to be Normal mode.

I'm really disappointed in you. You are snuffing out constructive criticism that would make the game better without any knowledge of the current situation in the game. Why is anyone supposed to take you seriously?

Posted on 11/25/19 2:45:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@FirstLady have you actually faced a Stealth Zephyrica team in Lostland? Because if you did so on a f2p you'd know it is impossible and we wouldn't have this pointless discussion.

This is the team you have to face on the last tile of Lostland as a f2p in Normal Mode. You can not avoid this team.

I have actually tried it and I actually know what I'm talking about. Even BT 30 heroes are dead after a second. How long do you expect a f2p team to survive? Use a PD? He is dead b4 he can stack his buff. Use Flame guard? You heroes are dead b4 the Zeph feels a scratch.

Posted on 11/30/19 8:03:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Found a team today that is one single zeph - no other heroes. Fight it with debuggers or take the team of six? Easy decision - fight the team of six

Posted on 11/30/19 1:57:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Anyone pass the insane mode?