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[Chat (Android)] Castle Clash live support

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Posted on 11/30/19 10:34:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So earlier yesterday I decided to converse with castle clashes live support about transferring castle clash accounts. I didn't really expect much to happen in fact I actually expected live support to get angry with me for not conversing with players about this matter. Instead what I got was a nice enjoyable conversation with a "fellow human being" who cared about my opinions and when I gave them incorrect information did not get angry with me instead they were sincere and forgiving, and the end result was they sent in a. Request for my account transfer and wished me a good day. So moral of the story castle clashes live support is not complete *a complete waste of time and next time you need help don't hesitate to contact live support.
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Posted on 12/1/19 1:28:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First No Profanity includes posting a segment of the word, usage of rhymes or special characters, as long as the intent is clear it is prohibited.  So the next time you think to disguise a word better to omit it completely.

Oan: Thank you for sharing your pleasant experience with Live Support, we generally only get negative commentary in their regard.


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Posted on 12/1/19 10:21:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Last time I reported a glitch in love support the whole thing took 53 minutes and in the end the problem was that the event wasn't even supposed to come out then it clearly stated it started the next day but for some reason it was still out. The experience was pleasant just not the time period the chat lasted :( :)

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