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[Chat (Android)] New heroes

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Been gone since earlier this year. Left off with working on dove, lazulix, lavanica, skelatica and a few others. Now that I'm back I picked up rosaleen, Cosmo, ripper, svalinn and queen wasp. Any of these newer heroes better than the ones I already had or should  I just keep working on the ones I already had? Also just rolled a level 5 healing ritual equipment and not sure who to put it on.

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Rosaleen is OK hero.  Probably better than average, but not much better.   Cosmo can be a killer if you can keep him alive.   Useful as long distance DPS in many modes.   Ripper...  Ripper was one of the few heroes that could put a dent in good Dove and Zeph.   Still can, when hiding behind the tank, although there are better heroes for that purpose now.   Queen Wasp, not sure.   She seems OK, but I have not used mine much so will defer to people more experienced than me.

HR...  I put it on both Dove and Zeph and made it L6 with traits.   I like it, but other people like HC more than HR on those two.

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