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[Chat (Android)] About my acc

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Posted on 1/6/20 12:15:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys,

i am a player with lot of history in the game, more than 5 years.
Recently i was trying to give my account to a friend of my guild but Staff of the game have not help my absolutly so i think i wont play anymore. I dont know exactly why they ask so many questions for not do nothing.

My friend too and some people of my guild are really thinking of give up because more things than probably have appear here in the forum and in other community, the spanish com.

Normally this games are for a time and people decide if they give his account for carry on. I have seen a lot of videos how to transfer accounts and answer of the team members helping in this concern. 

It is very easy, i have been GAME OPERATOR in other games and you can do everything, I dont know if people not english or some locations cannot change this accounts. I have not spend any dolar on this game so thats incredible because even my account is not value. Fortunetly some people near of me has change or even trade his accounts because were clever than me. People normally who do that has different mail accounts.

I will made soon a big review of this 5 years, i have captures of the game on one of my websites. FIRST WAS OK BUT AFTER THE 2 FIRST YEARS GAME GO DOWN. Now we have seen enough in this game.

 they try to keep the old players but This game is too far of other games right now, i will open in 1 week a thread probably but i dont think people of the forum merit that, also i dont think they will correct the game, thats mostly why people are giving up the game. they haven solve the monotonic of the game.

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Posted on 1/6/20 4:50:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You should be able to transfer you acc to another device if you talk to live support. So if you friend wants he can have your acc on his device. Have you tried this? If not I have some experience doing it and can walk you through the steps of what to do and what to say to live support.

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Posted on 1/6/20 5:01:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

First I assume you are on Amazon and your account is linked to your device, in which case as Shadygamersan stated you can speak to Live Support and provide the required responses to their account verification process as well as the required information for the device you wish to have the account linked to.  However if you are not all you have to do is forward your email and password to the party which you want to give the account to.

As for the response made by JIMMY_BEAN, he is correct in that it is pointless to create post complaining without any viable suggestions to correct the issue.  However he was incorrect in his belief that it is pointless to make suggestions in this forum, as many have been implemented.


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Posted on 1/7/20 5:24:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have speak with support probably for 1 month.
I have read a big thread of others users, and my case is exactly the same. I dont think now even give the account, my account will be a zombie account forever. 

My friend was suppose to spend money to update the account, because me i have not characters premium like moltanica or others, never spend 1 dolar in this game. Fortunetly. Because i have seen threads about this and this is a big mess. My guild advertise me about that, not send a ticket, it not go to solve nothing. I tell here because i have never put in contact with other person not my guild, so is a opportunity to see what others users say.

I have done same operation in other game of different company, similar games, and it has been very fast. Dont understand so.

Posted on 1/7/20 11:52:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Im glad we all could understand his English cause I simply couldnt follow..

Good luck OP..

Ps. Where is Rusty ??

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