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[Chat (Android)] Which talent would be the best

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So I just got all this *stuff and have like 80 lvl 5 talent chest anything specific I should I be aiming for?

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Dead drake needs revive unholypact
Lazulix needs revive revite or soul healer sl
regenerate is only good on PD
ronin need scorch sl
skelly needs Revive unholypact or fg sl
trixie treat needs sunder brawler
walla walla needs Fg sl

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Many ppl have different opinion about it, but here is what i think.

- DD is good for finishing bases in GW so he must have as high amage as possible, Revive 9+ is good on him, either Sunder or UP insignia
- Lazulix need Revive or SL with Revite 5+ + HC + Acc/Dodge depending what you want.
- PD is good with Empower or Regenerate, sometimes it is good if he have SL insignia and HC ench. Dodge or Acc traits
- Ronin have many builds now, mostly Scorch or Sl + HR and Dodge traits.
- Skelly must be tanky so defensive build which is SL + SS/SC + HC + Dodge.
- TT is good with additional damage like Slowdown (good for slowdowning enemies) HB but also UP for Archdemon, Summoning ench traits don't matter, since you will use her mostly in boss fights.
- Walla is best with FG + SL/SC (defensive build) + Dodge + HC

Good luck

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Canigetanickname, When asking about talent placement it is good to specify how you intend to use the hero as some talents/insignias will change from offense to defense applications.


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