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[Chat (Android)] AJ Help

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Posted on 2/20/20 6:22:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Who schould i use on hbm AJ?
Now im using this;
Lavanica: 13 skill lvl 10/10survival 10lvl unholy
Lazulix: 12skill lvl 9/10revive 10lvl revitalize
Rosaleen: 12skill lvl 10/10sacred Light 10lvl empower
Cosmo: 12skill lvl 10/10wicked armor 10lvl empower
Walla: 12skill lvl 10/10flame guard 9lvl empower
Dove: 12 skill lvl 10/10sacred Light 10lvl unholy pact

Are they fine or schould i change talent or insygnias?

Od meyby i schould now take other heroes?
Sorry 4 my bad english but hope that u could understand me and i hope 4 A help. Ty

Posted on 2/21/20 7:59:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Let me give you a little bump and perhaps one of our resident experts will respond soon.


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Posted on 2/21/20 3:06:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just beat AJ the other day, FINALLY.

The heroes I used were:
Zephyrica - FG / Empower
Walla Walla - FG / Empower
Dove Keeper - FG / Empower
Ripper - WA / Empower
Cosmo - WA / Empower
Anubis - WA / Empower

Anubis is important as he reduces the damage of incoming attackers, as is putting empower on Dove as it keeps enemies from being able to advance on your base. As with AK, I found it was best to use a 4-corner GW base with buildings spread out as far as possible. I know I have the luxury of using Zeph, but if you switch out some of your AOE heroes (Lava, Lazu, Rosa) for global ones (Ripper, GS, Phobos) you might just get lucky.

Good luck!

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Posted on 2/24/20 9:10:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@cichociecomiak Here's my AJ base in case it helps

Windows Server - 1M Might - FTK