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[Chat (Android)] Some help with heros

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Posted on 5/3/20 10:09:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Started player game after long time. Need some help with heros, which heros to prioritise ? Which heros worth working with ?

Posted on 5/3/20 11:01:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In my opinion those are your best heroes:

Core of all teams:  Dove, Walla, Lazu
Options to main Raiding team:  Ripper, Occultist, Ronin, Phobos, Anubis
Options for Dungeons: PD, Anubis, Commodora (if you have her)
Options for Def modes:  Phobos, GS, TT
Except for that you have also Tree good for Team Dungeon, Ghoulem which is ok healer, worse than Walla but could be good in LBF, Medusa also good for LBF

And for now i think this is all you need to take care of, until you will get newer heroes. 
You can experiment with heroes to achieve strategy you want.
For example i would make raiding team from Dove, Walla, Anubis, Occultist, Ronin and Ripper/Anubis (Ripper is not working for all heroes)

Good Luck

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