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[Chat (Android)] Thoughts about Narcia Wars v. 2.0

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Posted on 5/19/20 7:58:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello folks

We have second season of Narcia wars as you see, and we were eager (at least some of us) to see what changes were made. We are wiser cause of experience from previous season, and we do know what to do and not what to do, but as usual there are some things which could be made better.

- For example last time my guild were starting closer to center than most of other guilds from my region, which was good for us, but not for those in corner. This time my guild ended almost in corner of map and i can share thoughts from perspective of guild in a corner.
There are only 2 guilds which have worse position than we. Some may say "this is challenge", others may say "this is weak". I say "it should not be this way". Why ?? Reason is simple. Nearest town is around 13 titles away from us, but there are other 3 guilds between mine and town, where one is 2 (literally two) titles  away from town. Towns are only hope to advance for everyone, cause without it guilds will get nowhere, and just on start we are in huge disadvantage, cause someone in IGG didn't read what we wrote. While we can launch one attack on that city, other guilds can hit it few times already. How it is fair ? Just like taking titles. Next to us is no problem, but getting further is not easy, especially if other guilds are blocking us by walking to same titles in much shorter time. We need to get detour, which takes time and resources. That's poor. All guilds should have same chances, but they are not. It is that difficult to place guilds on plane of circle in same distance from castle, and away from each other ?? Than we could compete. Now it is all about who can try, and who can forget about it.

- Map is smaller as it seems.
Maybe it is good, but amount of guilds for me is not smaller, cause i think last time there were more distance between guilds, than now which was allowing for some economy. Current situation is forcing competition, or more likely fighting from start, but for that we need resources. Towns should help in that, but imo instead of fighting for Castle in middle of map, most of guilds will be fighting for towns to be able to advance little further, and those few guilds which are surrounded with inactive guilds, or are closer to center than any other can advance toward Castle without any problems.

- Which leads to less resources from titles.
I am not sure if this is good idea. Less resources means we need to carefully advance, and check where we can go and were we should not go. Progress will be slower, we will be waiting for opponents action to counter with ours. Few bad decisions and you are our of resources. But again less space between guilds is complicating everything.  

- I don't see increasing amount of titles from upgrading main town, and this is terrible. We should be able to get more titles from guild town also. It will end with only few guilds being able to compete, and rest giving up. Bad move, cause next time it may happen that next time amount of guilds will make guilds with 5 participants will be paired with those with 10 participants.

- I will not even compare might difference, as it should be paired with guilds who had similar amount of participants. We can't check it btw, so let's assume it is this way, but can we?

Last time we wrote many good points, which would improve gameplay a lot, but it looks like those were not listened at all. Only good side is lowering duration of event. But this is my opinion.

So what you think about second edition ? Write your opinion.

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Posted on 5/19/20 8:24:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

After reading this it feels like an extension of the actual Narcia feedback thread.
[Chat (Android)] Narcia Feedback

I can appreciate the time taken to detail your concerns, however I believe much (if not all) of this content was addressed therein, so perhaps it would be better to just present individualized suggestions, since as you stated "Last time we wrote many good points, which would improve gameplay a lot, but it looks like those were not listened at all."


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Posted on 5/19/20 2:22:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I logged on to it had s look at how many other guilds round us and the 1 town to fight over and logged out again
I played it a lot last time carnt see any point this time

Posted on 5/19/20 3:10:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Bad starting position. Basically everything choicemaniak posted.
Trying to get guildies warm but they seem to have giving up already...
Last time they put in loads of time and enjoyed but our position seems lost from the start.
I guess this will be the case for many.

Posted on 5/19/20 6:39:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Bombed game mode. Its a dud big time

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Posted on 5/20/20 4:07:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Today i have checked another guild placement, and i was surprised by one thing. My Guild have 1 title to edge of map, while there were another not too long which had 17 titles to edge. I am out of words.

IT seems like like managing resources is now more important than earlier. Guild closest to first town attacked quickly, but they run out of water, so we also attacked after we logged in around 00.40 server time. We hit that town 20 times (lucky for us we had enough of water for this purpose) and enemy guild tried to take town attacking it during our last wave. But unfortunately walking took less time then they thought and instead attacking as last unit they attacked little earlier, which allowed us to take town. I was hoping it, but not expecting it considering out placement. Now i bet after protecxtion wears off we will be attacked quite often. We will see. And it means we have not enough of food to heal units....

But here come another point, which needs to be confirmed. Does unit which is dealing final blow became owner or town, or guild which dealt more damage during hour or so is owner ? I bet first option, which is also not good solution, as one guild can attack over and over again, but one player from enemy guild can make their all effort in vain. I have seen that in one game before. Players were fighting to kill boss, while on very end player which much better lvl and equipment came and killed it with one blow, and spoils went to him. Ppl were complaining so much devs changed it to "who deal most damage gets spoil" I wonder if this would work here also, but it would have to be restricted to last 30 min or so. 

That's all for now i think. I will write again if i will see something new.

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Posted on 5/20/20 9:27:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think Narcia is a great Event that brought back activity in the Guild.
But I  like to see who is in real time present in the Narcia Event.
That allows the vices and me to better coördinate and instruct.

Posted on 5/20/20 10:04:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My opinion is this is a second swing and a miss by IGG.

1. Starting placement MUST be equalized in relation to resources and towns.
2. Narcia is a huge time commitment. Guilds with many casual members will not progress and will give up. (Experience from round 1 with my guild and others. After the 3rd day interest was gone and so was participation.)
3. Rewards are not commensurate for time commitment.
These were all mentioned in season 1 and, in my opinion, not addressed.

Posted on 5/21/20 1:26:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

72k water and 12 minutes to stack nearest small town
No large town to att
That's why its unplayable this time
Only way to get anything out off it would be for guilds to team up and take turns in towns kind off defeats the objective

Posted on 5/21/20 5:07:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lost for words about narcia to be honest.
Such a great opportunity but such a deadbeat atm.
Ath the start we raced out...took 3 to second place, so its not that we didnt give it a shot or werent enthousiastic....
But matchmaking, position, resources all went down the drain fast and whithout ways to do any better.
Now we just do like the others, sit there and watch from the side for the rest of the time.

No idea how to motivate people for next time. I mean, even if you completely fail, there should always be something you can do or play that is fun to do.
The stronghest guilds after the first period should go fight at another level but at least lett the lower guilds fight each other somehow. So everybody can at least do something. Even if you lose you can talk in narcia chat and cogratulate each other for a good fight but now its plain dead for most players and guilds.

Really gutted because narcia has great potential