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[Chat (Android)] Thoughts about Narcia Wars v. 2.0

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Posted on 6/10/20 1:21:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Worst part now is that if you lost city and have not to many members active it is over for you. It is difficult to retake any city if there are defenses. Therefore either resources should generate faster or we really need some change on map.

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Posted on 6/12/20 5:26:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Cichociemiak,
Our guild is in the same situation. Two other guilds are closer to the nearest smalltown. Our guild has abut 40Mil might with a lot of active F2P players and some low P2P players. And moreover here is a list about some direct neightbours (The biggest spenders): BlackSkies, Risingkingdom, IROnsquad, Flamedroppers, Limitless, JokerFury…
Ok its a fact, that in the last round we were the 2nd in the race, but in this case we cant move because of the bad starting point, and the p2W neighbours.
We were online at the start time, but the closer guild could win easy from the pole position.
Another porblem will be with this game mod is the alliances between the biggest clans, between the biggest spenders.
I know it is not prohibited  to make an agreements with each other, but with time this game mod become a one-side game. The top guild alliances with many battlepoints become faster more than 45% than the lower guilds. So the low might low bugdet guild will lost in the first 5 minutes, despite being actives.
 At the beginning, this game started well, there was a sense of activity, but the scissors are opening. IGG should rethink the matchmaking method. Maybe 30-35 clan in one map would be enough.

Posted on 6/12/20 2:49:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Narcia is a great concept, exciting even. but some where during the execution of this concept, things went south. 1. The matching is horrible. maybe igg can borrow some ideas from guildwar on how guilds are matched. 2. Too many guilds on each map. There are two layers of guilds on each map. It would take a miracle for the guilds randomly placed on the outer layer to get out and occupy any town at all. Maybe igg can reduce the number of guilds on each map, thereby make the game mode more of a competition. 3. Time of play is horrible. unlike guildwar, players can play any time during a 24 hours session or Fortress Feud where guilds can pick their time of play. Most of players in the guild must play immediately at server time 0:00. Otherwise the chance for your guild to advance becomes very remote. Maybe igg can borrow some ideas from fortress feud, where guilds can pick their time of play, so during the season, everyday guilds will play at their time of choice.

Posted on 6/12/20 4:13:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Now I don't know if this was mentioned, but guilds teaming up is pretty sad imo.
You should be able to fight on your own merit, using strategy and planning.
You win or lose but at least you can keep your head high and try again next time, learn from your mistakes and improve your guild team play, etc etc.
But the way it's done now.. No thanks.
Same with the centre, high might teaming up to share the rewards or take turns to get rewards, really honourable... Not
Right, ready to get corrected, blasted ridiculed and laughed at, but that's how I see it