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[Chat (Android)] Ideas for possible Epic Hero counters?

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Posted on 6/18/20 4:34:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey everyone! I've been lurking in this forum for about a month now and due to this update I have decided to make an account and ask this question. What are some possible counters to the two new heroes that were released? With all the videos showing the destructive power of these new heroes (mostly Dynamica), many people are beginning to worry that there is no counterplay. Please share your ideas because it would ease players to know there is atleast some possible way to stop these heroes!

Posted on 6/18/20 4:44:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Demon Stalker is not that good but Dynamica was introduced to the game to be the "strongest hero". Otherwise, who would pay $99 for one copy? (when you need 3 to devo it)
But don't worry about the counterplay; just wait till the next update. They'll probably introduce another epic hero and then slowly we won't use legendaries anymore.


Posted on 6/18/20 4:51:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There are few counters I came accross thus far

For defence Deleting your account so they cant attack you seems to be a perfect counter :D
Also i'm sure you've noticed that Dynamica is not unkillable or godlike as some ppl suggest.
For example: Valiant Saintess seems to be good at killing Dynamica 1on1
                   Bogeyman too ( 1shot)
                   Rambard still stays alive with True Piety/sacred light build
And I'm sure with next update ,we'll have even more ways to counter those heroes
(either through a new talent or 2 new Epic Heroes)

I remember when Dove Keeper first came out, ppl were like "the game is broken" I'm out.
And look @ her now , she get's reduced to atoms when you drop "Valiant,Mary,Dynamica"