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[Chat (Android)] Narcia Wars v5.0 opinions.

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Posted on 7/26/20 10:44:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The starting position is better, but not ideal. The center of the side is much better than the corner.

My guild has top100+ (16kk).
Why should we play against top1-30 guilds? (60-110kk)
We have 200k players, they have 1000k players.
Is it fair?

And Dynamica! Dynamica are too strong pay-to-win.

Posted on 7/27/20 8:17:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I tried to join guild with bit better performance in narcia. when I enquired in global chat any guild with good score in narcia many players started replying their guild scored first and gained imperial castle. many are lying and since any scores regarding narcia won't appear like FF and guild wars I am not understanding which is I missing something pls suggest.

Posted on 7/30/20 2:25:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Narcia could be fun if one guild wasn't allowed to conquer the map and ruin the fun for everyone. A limit of 1500 tiles max was put in place but this does nothing to stop a guild from conquering the map. Tiles can be abandon to still be able to get to all towns for conquering. A limit needs to be put on the number of towns a guild can have so one guild can't ruin fun for all. Also like someone else mentioned, the map should be round for fairness, corners are a big disadvantage. There should be more towns in equal range from the castle, and the towns surrounding the castle should have a limit to one per guild to give more guilds a chance at castle. If these things are too difficult to do then maybe give the guild ruining the fun for all their own map so the rest of us can have fun again.

Posted on 8/7/20 4:15:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My experience has been, on Amazon, that one guild runs the map.  My suggestion is:
weakness - a daily time once the imperial castle has been taken then that guild is affected by a % strength/stamina loss, maybe for an hour or two to allow guilds to challenge and/or take back towns 
theft - for the guild that owns the imperial castle, other guilds can steal that guilds resources - ore, food, water that's already been accumulated (not just taking tiles)
25% chance of slow-ness - I realize that the speed in narcia can be improved with battle talents but this, again, makes narcia incredibly uneven - if random "slow-ness" would affect high-level players moving to defend, that could be a fun element 
have a "computer" attack - if one guild holds the imperial castle for over a certain amount of time - have it be attacked by a demon to weaken defense (same as above but this would be a fun graphic)

Really don't know what the answer is. This element of the game is fun but disheartening when there's no chance to compete.