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[Chat (Android)] Epic Heroes

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Posted on 8/24/20 10:10:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Three months ago IGG introduced "Epic Heroes", starting with their annual dragon Dynamica in as a whole new tier of heroes.  There has been some feedback regarding the manner in which they were implemented and the amount of resources required to fully max them.  Now I think we should access which are worth the time and resources.

Demon Stalker
Young Spark
Boa Queen
Mad Inventor
Water Priestess


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Posted on 8/24/20 2:33:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Demon and young spark arent really worth the time and resources they are bad

dyna boa and mad inventor are by far the best 3

Dyna can solo any base if build correctly He is OP but expensive probably the most valueable dragon on every dragons release Build Dc with sl with hc  any traits is good for him i will reccommend hp personal base

Boa queen she is a excellent Archdemon hero and also nice for some other game modes she disarms so rhe enemy heroes cant attack but her main purpose would be supporting (like dove ) or archdemon

Mad inventory compare him to a better version of boreal fox usefull for base destroying and dungeons

water priestess havent got her yet but so far im not impressed by her

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