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[Chat (Android)] Magic Powder obsolete for obtaining Dynamica

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Posted on 8/31/20 10:40:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I recently obtained my first copy of dyna and was planning out what I needed to do in order to obtain his other two needed copies and came across this insane discovery. So the prospectors wheel event gives 100 dyna soul stones for 100 event coins which equals out to 10 coins for 10 soul stones and in events like treasure mining you can get 10 coins(10 ss) for around 6-9k gems but need at least 20k+ for the gold chest which has 200 powder(16 soul stones) and in the tree of choice event 16k gems gets you 10 events coins(10 ss) and/or 5 dyna bags(minimum of 5 ss/max of 150 ss) and/or 100 powder(8 ss). So it is with a heavy heart that I report to everyone that magic powder is now obsolete in the quest for dynamica.

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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Posted on 8/31/20 10:56:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First this is an observation and not a suggestion (~moving), next magic powders are not obsolete, they still serve a purpose in obtaining soulstones, your post merely detailed other options which you appear to feel are better.


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Posted on 8/31/20 11:47:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

 MP Obsolete ?? Nope.
Less important ?? It depends.

I have noticed it also, when previously i had to pick either Event Coins or Magic Powder after i got second card, using event you described (cause in my case Dyna bags were a must to pick) therefore i picked coins also (and i regretted i have used 30 coins for stupid Discount Store day earlier.. :angry:  ) 
But if you will calculate according to tree of choice, than you will see that picking coins or MP varies only with bonuses and not that much with Dyna SS amount. Sure there is difference but not that high. I mean in Floating Island you can get SS of new heroes, along with some other good stuff, while on Prospectors Wheel you will get 100 Dyna SS, items needed for Relics (which is useless if you can't upgrade them),one Epic hero and one more thing.
Depending on what ppl want they may pick either coins, or MP, and really don't have to go for Gold Chest. It will help for sure, but gem amount needed sometimes is not worth. But thanks to MP i can devo Boa Queen now, which i couldn't if i picked Event Coins. Something for something. You will know what you will get with coins, while with MP only Dyna SS are certain.

And something tells me that devs will soon change that, cause Dyna was supposed to be not obtainable for F2P i think, but it is. Good mine is already devolved.

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Posted on 9/1/20 6:56:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Magic powder sure is usefull too.
Other events like catch a prize can give powder to.
300 powder can give nice dyna ss rewards but also boa queen and other ss in the proces.

So powder is nice to collect too.

Personally i go coins and dyna bags.
Remember dyna bags can be yaaay or naaaaay.
Powder always gives good stuff

Remember to use powder on last more. Dont forget that.
I collected like 800 powder and didnt know....not forgetting that anymore ! Maybe i would have my second card already.
Anyways, what is done is done. No crying over spilled milk or not having a zephy lol

Posted on 9/1/20 10:15:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice thread, i hope all cc player can read this and understand how valuable Event Coins are

Lets make CC great again!

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Posted on 9/7/20 4:11:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I get free floating island dust just got 4 dynamica soultones so I really need to be active and get ALL the dust I cant to get dynamica

Xo till we odd
Posted on 9/10/20 12:53:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

How much Magic Powders do I need to get 3 dynamicas.