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[Chat (Android)] Prestige Rewards Feedback

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Posted on 9/12/20 9:06:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There has been some conversation in forum after the most recent update, specifically regarding the prestige reward.  As I understand it after the daily cap has been met, there is absolutely no reward for running the game modes involved.  So I invite you all to either provide clarification or your feedback to this new change.


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Posted on 9/12/20 11:10:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nothing really special about it, as always its pretty almost unuseful exept I can buy heroes from it

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Posted on 9/13/20 1:17:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well I just loved the prestige thing coz it gives opportunity to get some very good stuff like quest refresh cards, legendary hero vestige and some other more good items.
At my might I get 51200 daily prestige which is definitely decent for getting required stuff but here is just a simple suggestion as I noticed all the items available through prestige is of same cost as fame so please add items to fame shop too and make use of merits more effective!

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Posted on 9/13/20 1:30:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for making this thread, all tho you could have provided the link to a previous thread
"Prestige rewards need to be fixed" so we dont repeat ourselfs way too many times

Honestly I really like the Prestige system. It allows all of us to buy some of the
resources that we actually need, as opposed to getting ones that we dont.
It also leaves the room for future shop updates and possibly newer items to buy.

But, there are some issues that need to be addressed ! Like the much discussed "CAP"
( daily Prestige limit )

I took some time to "Du Da MAF" and present the problem much clearly this time
As previously stated, we're able to fill the Cap with few gamemodes which in turn
limits us from getting more Prestiges from other gamemodes

For example:
Infernal summit 3 (2x time)=6800 x (8 attempts) = 49600 Prestiges
Wailing Rift 1       (2x time)=9000 x (2 attempts) = 18000 Prestiges

With those 2 gamemodes alone that I do daily, I can easily fill in the 51200 Cap

So I'm asking the Dev's > what about other rewards that i'm unable to claim due to full Cap
Lava Isle 4     (2x time)=2800 x (8 attempts) = 22400
Lonely Sea 1  (2x time)=4000 x (2 attempts) = 8000
Arid Ruins                   =700 x  (5 attempts) = 3500
Expedition                  =810 x (10 attempts) = 8100 + (1700 bonus)
Lost battlefield           = 1400 x (5 attempts) = 7250 (+/-)
Guild wars   ?
Squad showdown   ?
Guild Boss   ?
Arena   ?

And what about the Cards that we hold in our warehouse ?!
None of them are usable after the Cap is reached..( meaning you get nothing after the Cap)
So the only solution would be to increase the daily limit or remove it completely.

Posted on 9/13/20 9:55:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you for creating this discussion First Lady!

1.  Encourage game play by removing the daily prestige limit.
2.  Celebrate the grind by removing the item limits in the “purchase with prestige” menu.
3.  Require daily activity by removing prestige from the bazaar.  The bazaar quickly devalues the rarity and impact of resources in Castle Clash.
4.  If 1, 2, and 3 were implemented, I’d be on my 3rd Red Bull and my 2nd pack of Twizzlers as I grind game modes with guild mates.

Posted on 9/14/20 1:15:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm loving it.
Still carnt beleave whst a game changer it is and that there are so many complaints about the cap I agree they should have left other rewards there so worth playing after cap but if you carnt use the 2x times its not easy to hit cap and makes you play all game modes daily.
My first thought was how quickly will they put these prices up as a lot off low spenders like me do not need to buy packs for these items

Posted on 9/14/20 8:24:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I also like this new system, but like someone else wrote it looks like devs didn't play or even check what they are doing.
2x bonus with rewards from Team mode is ok, but limiting prestige make us..... Well not happy at all. Either this limit should be doubled, or removed just like 2x rewards from Team modes so we will have reason to play more modes.
It is good there are rare items in prestige shop, i was finally able to get Lazu on second acc, but it could be more of them, like cc chests, bags which we don't see any more containing heroes ss, skins, insignias, talents ...etc.
Overall idea is good, but need some corrections.

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Posted on 9/14/20 9:56:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The time required for the shop to restock is a barrier, the other shops are daily reset.

Posted on 9/15/20 9:06:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think the prestige currency idea is pretty good! But currently it has more drawbacks than advantages which in time I'm sure will be addressed. Here is my feedback:

1. The daily limit should either be increased or removed all together. The restocking in the shop should be daily or in 3 days, not weekly...

2. The amount of prestige rewards from expedition are  significantly low. This is compared to the previous honour badge rewards we were getting. I believe it was above 10k HB per round and now we get 800 prestige per round.

3. The limits on items in the prestige shop should be removed. It is completely ridiculous ... was it 200 HB packs? For 6 days as this is the time of restocking. With HB being removed as reward from all major modes we are left with very little options to get ones. 1st is the quest board, 2nd prestige shop and 3rd the guild shop. Not counting blitz, arena as not all players can rank high enough to get decent amount of HB as final rewards.

4. The one thing that's truly valuable in the new shop is the legendary vestige.

5. Quest refresh cards are a good addition too but just 7? For 6 days? Before I could easily get this amount from team dungeons plus more rewards.

6. Speaking of team dungens and monsters - why remove the old rewards there? Right now we can't get HBM cards from any daily mode. As a suggestion - do the same you did for wailing rift: have the prestige rewards and keep the old rewards as well.
Right now when I hit my daily prestige limit I stop playing the modes. I don't need them anymore as they don't give me any rewards. Pointless. And all my cards had become irrelevant, excluding the fact that I use them now for the balloon event items collecting. When I get all my balloon rewards I loose the only reason to use my cards. This is quite frustrating as I have 100-200+

7. The same for Arid ruins - you just started giving players some decent rewards and lol...hit rock bottom. If I do all my rounds in Team modes, Lost Battlefield etc to reach daily prestige limit - why shouldnI even bother to open arid ruins. Is it turning to a dead mode like the squad showdown? Don't know how many people are having fun playing the latter...

8. Replacing merrits with prestige: not a bad idea at all. I personally have my storage full of merrits plus a few thousand unopened boxes, pretty sure most players are like that. We use merrits for wardens upgrades and the merrits daily shop. Not bad to replace them with prestige but the cost per warden upgrade should be reduced to match the rarity of the new currency. I still use merrits so can't state what is the exact number of prestige for upgrading wardens.
I believe the same should be with fame which looks like is also being replaced by prestige.
So we have 2 old well known currencies, abundant for many players, being replaced with a new limited currency that is supposed to be used to get vital resources, which are now limited amount in the shop and we are also supposed to get the newest item (vestiges) for the newest legendary hero relics upgrade with this same limited amount of daily prestige.
I'm not good at math but I can still something is off in this scenario.

9. Heroes offered in the prestige shop can have a limit but just one for 6 days...Perhaps a higher number and option to include other heros and not repeat them each week.

10. Lastly I think the biggest problem is the inability to accumulate HB as we did before.
I loved expeditions because I played when I needed it. And I always received my unused chances as cards. This way I wasn't forced to play CC all the time in order to get what I needed. And that is HB and books lol. Every hero needs them to be upgraded to BT 30 and max destiny. And the amount needed is a lot, that's my concern. I noticed quests give more HB now but it simply is not enough. What frustrates me most is that I have hundreds of expedition cards which I was saving for when I need HB...and now I can't use them for this purpose.
Sure, I can keep spending my hard earned money on CC to get HB and books but that's not the point...the new prestige currency looks F2P friendly but need so much more work to truly be such.

Posted on 9/17/20 2:21:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Don't devalue the legendary hero vestige or prestige by giving them up in bazars. Let there be at least one thing in game which players really grind and wait for the reward. That will give some sense of achievement to players.