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[Chat (Android)] Question regarding new Guild Boss battle

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Posted on 10/16/20 3:23:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi folks

I have question regarding new Guild Boss battle.
Is it me or we have to start from lvl 1 and defeat it in order to get  harder challenge ? Does we have 24 hours to beat it with 1 day cooldown, which means we can fight boss battle every second day? 
When we beat boss yesterday it was still around 23.6 hours left, and HP was at 0 from that point. And no matter how much we were fighting it was still 0 and times didn't stopped, or i was not able to find where i could start another boss battle. 
Or maybe i am doing something wrong, and another battle can be opened faster ?? 
If devs want us to fight guild boss every second day, than at first sight this is not good idea. But let's wait to see what rewards will be later on. 

I would be grateful for Your opinions about that Guild Boss change and if there is way to start battle faster

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Posted on 10/16/20 6:20:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

As for how a new feature works it would be best to ask Admin because I am sure members are just as lost as you are, as for "Feedback" on the feature, I am sure you know how that works regardless as to how you word it.


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Posted on 10/17/20 7:41:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It's the same for us so I suspect that's the case.

We defeated boss quite quickly and were expecting the next level but instead got the 24h cooldown, so I guess it's every other day.

Posted on 10/17/20 3:00:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There is one thing i don't like with that new boss battle - each member can do limited amount of damage, and higher boss lvl is, less % damage each member is doing. First battle each member could do up to 20% max boss HP with 2 attempts. Lvl 2 is only few % with 2 attacks. Smaller guilds stand no chance to beat boss after few lvls, cause of this attempts limit they will not be able to do enough damage. I would rather keep what was possible earlier, which means unlimited amount of attempts and remove cooldown. So next day You can fight new boss, instead being forced to wait :angry:

 Most annoying part of this new boss - damage % limit for one battle and 24hr cooldown to another battle. 
 Most interesting part so far - option to fight boss even after it's HP reach 0, which allow all members to get some of it.

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Posted on 10/18/20 3:08:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So, I've seen enough to complain and give my opinion on the new boss, it's me incredibly fun, for the first 5 seconds. After you kill the boss, you're forced to wait 2 days(1 day for the timer to end, and another because of the cool down) that to me is very annoying, As we had just hit lvl2 boss, and the wait time to challenge him again is annoying, (I suggest that after boss is killed, players can still attack it till the 24hour hit time ends then you can challenge the next level,) it's not a big deal about the2 day wait time, I just find it annoying, overall, its a great revamp for the Boss, just wish the cooldown wasn't 2 days.

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