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[Chat (Android)] Hero pets

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Posted on 10/30/20 7:10:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


A while ago i've asked about which heroes to use in battle. now i've got a very strong hero team and i was wondering which pets to use with them.
The heroes I'm currently using are:


Wallawalla (maybe replace him for Water Priestes?)
Dove Keeper

Valiant Saintress

Rune master

Please let me know which pets to use with them! And if you have a suggestion about using an other hero please let me know (the only hero's im missing are: Dynamica, Destroyer, Spirit mage and Minotaur Chieftain.)

Posted on 10/30/20 11:02:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So Im just going to list super pets out and put the heros that are good with them next to their names.
Dire Wolfling.-Rune Master
Radiant Hawk.-Walla Walla
Sage Lioness.-Rune Master
Brave Croc.-Dove Keeper, Zephy, Lava, Saint
Cold Drake.-Rune master,Zephy, Walla Walla
Bellicose Bull.- Dove, Saint, Zeph, Lava
Battle Monkey. - Dove, Saint, Zeph, Lava
Cute Kitsune.-Rune Master, Lava, Walla Walla
Pure Chimera-Walla Walla, Rune Master, Saint
Sullen Serpent-Dove Keeper, Zephy, Lava, Saint, Dove Keeper
Headless Knight-Rune Master, Lava
I based the heros uses on what pets they should have (Rune Master for debeffing, Dove Keeper for damage etc).
For traits on these pets go by this rule-If the pet skill heals use dodge or HP traits, If its skill does damage go for Accuracy, Crit, Crit damage. 

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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