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[Chat (Android)] i am new and i am here to ask some question

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Posted on 11/21/20 12:00:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

so hi there i am new to this forum
i am a f2p player can u guys tell me how to improve my heroes and which 6 hero should i focus on
and can i know what talent/traits/enchancement for them is the best
and also how can i get boreal fox or zephy without paying money
what pet with wat hero
thanks alot

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Posted on 11/21/20 1:16:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes you can get boreal fox if you are lucky or as time goes by, as for zephy I think the only way to get him as an f2p is thru tapjoy since I don't also have him lul.

Posted on 11/21/20 5:50:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You have some good heroes, but i would focus on getting more. Always remember to save gems and spend them when there will be Treasure Mining event aiming to get silver chest, which is usually around 7-9k gems, but this is not fixed. You can spend less to get it, but also will have to spend more. This way you will also receive Event Hero Card which will give You chance to get Fox. I think Fox SS were also reward from Line Defense but i am not sure now. 
Getting Zephy is not that easy, cause You will have to use Tapjoy and finish good offer during Accumulation Pack which have Zephy as reward. 

As for Heroes most interesting ones are:
Dove with TP/Survival, Forest Ward and Balloon pet usually,
Lazu with Revive10/Revitalize, Holy Conviction
Occultist with TP/SL, Holy Conviction
Rambard with TP(again)/SL, HC
Vailant Saintess i am not sure about build here, but i would aim on SL/WA, Malaise
Phobos with DC/Revite(Empower), HC
Landwalker with SL/Empower (also don't know good build now), HC
Sasquatah with defensive talents, HC
PD with Empower/Regenerate/SL (pick 2), Healing Ritual.
You don't have WallaWalla therefore Ghoulem must be current healer with def talents also, but if You have more Water Priestess copies you can evolve and use her instead. 

Epic heroes are not Double evolved therefore using them is limited.

Good Luck.

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Posted on 11/21/20 10:36:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I got Zeph and Lava on my smurf from Hero Collector. if you wanna advance in this game you have to save gems and try not to waste them every day, also don't use your gems unless there's Treasure Mining and Cake events.
Save coins and I don't use them in Discount Store ( i did multiple times when i came back to cc not knowing about an event that gives dyna for 100 coins and other great rewards.
Also if you haven't claimed a secret code yet do it, it's on the forum as well. GL!

Posted on 11/21/20 10:44:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

ok so i just bought the zep and fox pack and so now wat am i going to focus on

138k might
main hero landwalker dove keeper gunslinger boogeyman lazulix