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[Chat (Android)] Took a Loooong break... New hero lineup help?

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Posted on 11/30/20 10:01:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi everyone,

I am back after a very long hiatus from the game (I started playing December 2013). There have been a lot of new heroes released in the few years I have been gone.

Unfortunately, I've lost access to my account with around 100,000 might so I've started playing on one of my old burner accounts. 

Which heroes should I focus on leveling up??? I am looking for a solid 6 heroes for all game modes

I have basically unlimited exp and shards (generous gifts from IGG), so my only real bottleneck is HB.


Posted on 12/1/20 4:27:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

For a solid team I would run rune master-soul healer and sacred light with holy conviction and accuracy, dove keeper-healing riptose/unholy pact/war god and brute force/wicked armor with hyper strength/forest ward and accuracy, rambard-true piety and sacred light with holy conviction and hp, Sasquatch-dragons cover and sacred light with holy conviction and dodge, occultist-flame guard and sacred light with holy conviction and hp, commodora-sacred light/revive and wicked armor with holy conviction/hyper strength and dodge.

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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Posted on 12/1/20 6:40:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Try to find more heroes, if You don't find at least 2 same epic heroes don't lvl up that hero. 
Also check warehouse if there are some new hero cards which You haven't noticed. Right now heroes you have are obsolete, not worth attention, except those few we wrote above.

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