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Posted on 9/1/13 4:47:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

"You're pushing your luck to a permanent IP ban, zih3r.

I've told you to stop posting about hacking at least 5 times. I should only have to tell you once. You can keep creating accounts, keep spamming, and then you will end up being permanently banned on the IGG Forums.

I've told you I can't ban players myself, I have no power. The best thing you can do is report it to Live Support or e-mail Castle Clash. You ignored me. And ignored me. Oh, and then, yeah, ignored me.

You have to wait for them to be banned. You were told by Ultoman himself that you need to report it to Live Support and not to the forums. You disobeyed our  Administrator and myself on multiple occasions."

Look perma ban IP isnt problem, ill change my IP!
How long passed since i reported this guy? 2 week now? And hes still not banned?
I know u cant ban players, but u can spread this msg to developers faster then i do, coz im geting ignored all the time!
U should focus to deliver msg and get those ppl banned instead ban ppl who report hacks!
Once again ill send u this msg to private message and i expect that ull do all u can to get this ppl banned!
If this wont happend soon ill come back to forum and post about it, coz ppl deserve the truth!

I just want good for community and ppl which plays, i dont have any bad attentions!

Posted on 9/1/13 5:05:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Do you think I just sit here and watch? I have messaged. I can't contact the developers much better than you can really. I can't make the developers ban someone. I've sent a message, that's all I can do about it. They are working on it, as you can see with the update.

You're getting ignored because you're not supposed to be reporting hacking on the forums, like I've told you, numerous, many, more than necessary, times. I've told you the best you can do is report to Live Support or e-mail them! You CONTINUE to ignore ME. You continue to post about hackers.

If you don't have any bad intentions then you can stop telling people there are hacks for this game. I  don't understand why YOU don't understand when to stop. Just stop. Please. This is tiring and it didn't have to happen if you just listened, which clearly it didn't. If you want what's best for the community then stop spamming the forums.

I'm not going to have another conversation about this topic with you because you clearly have tunnel vision and don't take in what I'm telling you. I will do the same to you. If you post about hacking, it will get locked. You will be given warnings, you will be banned. I wish I had the power to legitimately ban you, but sadly, I don't, so I will have to chase you around the forums like a 5 year old. It's a complete waste of time for you, and for me.

You aren't doing anything productive. If you want to do something productive, stand outside your city mayor's house protesting about Pro-Gay Rights.

Posted on 9/1/13 5:09:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

if you want to do anything more about the hackers, fill this out and send it to Live Support or e-mail the team. You can't do anything else besides this, or nothing will be done.

Contact Email:
Date and time of the incident:
Name of the players being reported:
Details of the report: