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[Chat (Android)] Possible market of sorts

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Posted on 9/2/13 9:58:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I have been thinking about this for a while and my idea for a building would be a market of sorts. Here you would be able to dtrade for things like gold, mana, honor badges, or even gems for one another depending on the demand for the item. Almost like a stock market. I am also debating selling heros on this in an auction house style. Just a suggestion and before somebody states it I already know that the price for gems will skyrocket to at least 100k per gem if implemented. Thank you for reading this suggestion of mine, Chaos.

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Please ignore this post but not the topic I am very sorry.

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If you go to shop, the game sells gold and mana for gems so I doubt that will happen. Maybe it will work for HB.

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hey guys finally got my account working, was having trouble with my tablet and connected the above account to my spam email so any future replies will come from this account. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, Chaos.  Dawgg you post an interesting and good point but the main reason for this idea is so people can make at least a little use of all that extra mana that most just have lying around it is not meant to replace buying large amounts of gold or mana with gems.

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Also I believe that there should be more types of decorations. Is it just me or has anyone else used some of their useless mana in the flower decorations?

Posted on 9/2/13 11:34:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It would be a good idea for free users.
But not mana and gold.

The cost to attack a player is expensive especially if u are a free user.
Losing generally gives u a net loss of 20 to 80k worth of mana and gold for spells. Attack rich ones? Well there are days the only ppl on the attack list have less than 30k in resources and usuallly all the easy basesare taken n in protection.

Gems to hb n vice versa would be good. But expect players that pay to suddenly have lv 140 heroes overnight.

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I havetrouble withthe quote functin on thistasb. Flowersare very important.