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[Chat (Android)] Make experience awards more fair.

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Posted on 9/8/13 9:20:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It's been pointed out that the reason you don't get experience when attacking players from the Battle Reports Screen (Retaliation) or from the Rankings Screen is because it would be unfair to players with a lower ranking than the attacker.
Why not base the amount of experience awarded on the difference in Might or Standings the same way as when you raid other players, the HB penalty is higher for being defeated by a weaker player, why not use the same system for raiding from Rankings or Battle Reports.
If the player you are raiding is significantly weaker than you, the amount of Experience is reduced or zero, however, if the player you are raiding is nearly the same as you, then you are awarded full experience.
If I choose to retaliate against a player that raided me shouldn't penalize me by awarding no experience.
Additionally, with the problem many players experience with game freezes, some would want to use the Rankings Screen to raid the player they were attacking when their app stopped responding.:D

Posted on 9/9/13 6:01:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is true and here's my opinion about it.
To make it a little fair for the newer/weaker players, don't give out experience if they are a certain amount of levels lower than you.
What bugs me is the fact that you don't get any experience when you utterly wipe out a player that is ranked higher than yourself.
The fact that you don't get any experience no matter who you attack thru the ranking trophy should be considered a cheat from the creators side of this lake.