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[Chat (Android)] Attacking/Defending base change

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Posted on 9/8/13 11:49:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As others pointed out I also think there should be more risk involved when attacking and some kind of payoff for successfully defending your base.

Attacking - keep the way it is except for two changes. One in order to take the resources plundered in battle the attacking must get 51% damage done to the base. However the defender still loses all resources plundered. Two the amount of recources  plundered equals the amount of damage % done to the base. For example if 10000 gold was plundered during the siege but only 50% of the base was damaged then the attacker would take back too their base 5000 gold. The defender would still losee 10000 gold. I think this would encourage destroying the entire base instead of looting and leaving. Kind of cheap in my opinion.

Defending - When the defender makes a successful defense they should be given a new kind of gem. Maybe these gems could be used to upgrade hero weapons and armor. This would be in additon to the ability upgrades. Maybe even a new building could be added for this. (Armory) These new gems could also be purchased with the regular gems. Maybe on a 3-1 bases.