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[Chat (Android)] Arena strategy

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This applies to everyone who is 1) not in the top 100, and 2) who logs on and plays often.

Set up your defense to lose on purpose. Sounds stupid, but let me explain. The reward for winning is 40hb, which means if youhave 5 chances to fight and win all of them, yyou receive 200hb. However, if you are trying to be ranked as high as your team can be ranked, you'll likely lose 2 or even 3 out of your 5 battles, which means you lose 80-120hb. And this is pointless if you're not in the top 100 because the difference in hb/hour is minimal.

I you set up your defense to lose on purpose (only put one hero out), then you'llgo down in the rankings and yyour opponents will give you 5 easy wins.

Good luck

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But with over time you'll be making more hb every hour if you're ranked higher

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This is what I also do sometimes. Its completely valid and strange for me if senior players never thought about it.

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(I'm the OP, btw).

Let's do the math.

Yes, you will gain more hb/hr ranked higher. But unless you're battling in the top 100 (really, the top 50), the difference in hb/hr is only 10. You get one battle chance ever 20 minutes = 5 chances every hour and 40 minutes. Even if you go so far down the ranking that you lose 30hb/hr (you won't go that far back though), in that 1 hour and 40 minutes you will have lost only 30hb (since technically only 1 full hour has passed). However, if you are pushing as hard as you can to get high in the rankings, you're going to lose at least 2 out of 5 battles, which = 80hb.

You're better off losing on purpose so that you can guarantee 5 wins (200 hb).

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The best ranking I've had in the arena was 144 and was making 110hb/hr. Right now I'm ranked 490 and make 100hb/hr. That's a difference of a measly 10hb/hr. I though to myself, why am I risking wasting 40hb for losing a battle when to get back to the 100's rewards me with only an extra 10/hr? in one hour, I get 3 battle chances, and I'd rather guarantee myself 3 wins (120hb) than to lose one of those battles trying to get to 144 rank again that rewards me pitifully.

Make sense?

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Yeah, sorry, it's 1 chance every 30 minutes, not 20.

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I tried this. Doesn't work nearly as well as gaining 110/hr and winning at least 3/5 chances.

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Lets make it simple, if you win all your battle arena you make 80hb/h from wins in the arena + your hb/h.
So yes this idea works (no need to argue it's simple math lol) I was doing this before but now I'm ranked too high and places are worth more than 80hb/h lol.

Another important thing I would like to add, once you reach a better rank you can still use this strategy.
BBUT instead of "loosing on purpose" Keep you normal defense, but once you're close to your limit in the arena, start challenging the player right next to you (instead of 5 spot on your left).
That way you'll win most of your arena fights and get more hb/h than by loosing half your battle.
This tactic can even work with players under 100 to maybe 50. (just throwing numbers, hope you get the point)


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nah im averaging 100 hb an hour so 250 per 2.5 hours. more than the 200 for wins if I dropped rank deliberately.  thats not even adding 40 for wins and 6 for losses. and I just stay between 200 & 900 ranking.  besides play to win if you play at all imo.