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[Chat (Android)] Can the attack programming be changed?

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Posted on 9/11/13 10:49:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So often the current attack algorithm stops all attack activity on a building or creature when lethal damage has been dealt, even if it hasn't "hit" the thing it is destroying. However, the enemy troops don't stop pounding away at you while your guys stand there like morons waiting for that lethal damage to hit its target. Yes, I know we are usually talking 1 second, but an enemy ninja with ability about to proc can 1 shot my druid, and that could have been time my stationary guys watching griffins deal that fatal blow to a gold mine could have been helping him out. Is there anything that can be done, maybe if the code is too complex to change then make the enemies guys as enthralled by the stupid exploding gold mine as mine are, and they just stand watching as well?