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If you are paying for secondary talent re-rolls, then definitely just spend the money on re-rolls since the chance of you getting that same legendary on top of a more beneficial skill is even smaller.  The benefit of continuing gem rolls on heroes is you can get additional legendaries if you are missing any.

Also, I read in another post that the Engineer is awesome until you get the Spirit Mage.  So depending on how much money you are putting into the game you may not want to roll anything on your Engineer and save it to re-roll on your Sprit Mage if necessary.  (If you are buying enough gems to acquire it)

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Thanks man, that makes sense. Im gonna lvl succubus and druid to 60 first and then ill decide from there whether i want to even lvl the engineer :)

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Anytime and best of luck!  Grats on the good roll btw.  I know it's not fun watching 450 gems go a pop to see the same results again and again.  See the purple glow without the slime attached is a good feeling hehe.  Look forward to competing with you on the rankings! ;)

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Found 3 legendary's :D

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