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[Chat (Android)] Video shows Issue

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Vincent_Megia(8 replied at 9-14-2013 11:28 AM
I will pm you my email address. Thanks

Thanks, I emailed a small version to you.

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Ok, let me view this now.

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It's small but you can see the basics if you keep your eye on the Ninja.  My first post describes what happens.  First the ninja flees to my army base and hangs out.  Then sits next to my gold storage, within range of my druid (right on the other side of it) but my Druid doesn't attack just walks away, then goes around to my Town Hall and cuts right through a wall.  It attacks nothing.  But the rest of it's team does.  It also appears it's being healed as it's part of the team which is also weird.

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All...I doubt the CC guys have a entire stash of servers literally recording every attack.  It's likely just a logarithm that utilized the location and timing of all troops when engaged.  Also likely that this is on a separate server then gameplay servers , so there could be some missing code or errors