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[Chat (Android)] ok wtf

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This will prob get deleted but I have a replay video now since we have replay of a guy using a lvl 60 pain da destroying my whike vase and healing himself for 150k and destrodestroying builbuildings Iin one shot

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I found a suspicious player, what do I do?
If you've found a suspicious player who you think may be participating in illegal activities (this includes, but is not limited to hacking) then you have a few options. You can directly talk with Live Support with your evidence, you can submit a Bug Report using the in-game Bug Submit button, or you can private message Hoodiee, Vincent_Megia, any of the Administrators, or myself with your evidence and details. We would be happy to send your information to the correct person.

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With the amount of money people sink into this game I think security needs to be beefed up this needs to be patched immediately

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I'm certain security updates are probably applied with most updates or even on the backend where we don't know it's happening.  If the public was told every security patch that was done, that would just be a tool to exploit further loop holes.  Just keep reporting in the manner LordAssassin100 stated and over time better ways of preventing these types of things will be implemented.  Pretty much all games have "hackers" and "cheaters" no matter what sort of defense you put up.  Hacking is an ever evolving exploit of technology.