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[Chat (Android)] dungeon players.

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(87008405) replied at 9-18-2013 09:14 PM
Looks at my lvl 99 archer...

* gulps...

You should try looking someone with 100 Ninja, 60 Succubus, 40 archer and 60 elites make into higher arena rank. By arena rank, I mean higher than 100.

I am not ignoring archers and I have used them before too before I got to replace her with better heroes and there is difference between lvl 44 and your 99

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Vincent_Megia(8 replied at 9-18-2013 09:10 PM
If you think these guys are questionable kindly report it to live support, posting here about suspic ...

Nope just a suggestion. Devs can easily eliminate them without us reporting every single one. They simple need to just check the ones above 300 flames without us wrongly reporting a dozen or so innocents. Logs records of each player are kept and they can do a lot in determining which players are bad. Like ie, those that complete dungeons n start a new one immediately in succcession without spending gems, purchase recorss, time logs.

It just needs a shove in the right diredction that ppl do notice these things before action is taken.

Id b insane to cover even just 1 k pages :-)

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I actually hope the hackers thrive. They have a 10hr shield before which rare for me these days. I also find funny that they are not the ones who are actively looking hackers. Like post above me said they just need logs and etc. In my opinion, two thing that destroys a game are 1. Hackers 2. Bad Community. The hack thread are increasing in the forum and a lot of people are going to be dissatisfied. They can't hide this issue by not allowing post related to hacks and banning people who complain about hacks.  

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Dernière édition par GazelleCC sur 9-18-2013 10:45 PM

Riichard was banned a while ago, they did a clean up but even if someone is ban, his account wont vanish.
Many players have been banned since the replay fonction is out, is quiet now in the top 10 in the arena.

"Strangely" Many players who were in the top 10 are now ranked 100 or lower, yup they got banned but the account still exist ;)

One more thing: it's still too early to get 390 "legit" fire in this game, video or it didnt happen ;P
Last dungeons have hero lvl 170+ and 5 legendaries including spirit mage, max lvl towers, troops and barracks.

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its called hacking.  that guy noobsthename raided me 100% without a single unit lost.  since they updated with three plays I have actually witnessed people rating my base with a single hero and destroying my entire base while the hero itself is healing even though he's not a druid the devs just are keeping up on controlling the hacking even though they have told me that hackers get locked out of their accounts permanently

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Good observation . Without a druid or spirit mage is is hard to do level 4 dungeons. Especially if the player's other heroes are under 80 and if they are not at third tier troops tier

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GazelleCC replied at 9-18-2013 10:41 PM
Dernière édition par GazelleCC sur 9-18-2013 10:45 PM

Riichard was banned a while ago,  ...

It's possible to get 390 fire if one want to shed $2k on spirit mage to level up his skill. At skill level 9, and with berserk, Spirit mage can clear any dungeon very fast.

IMO, anyone with might under 15k cannot accomplish this. You basically need very strong troops as tank to protect spirit mage and let it shoot missiles frequently in a safe area.

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I have a Berserk SM with lvl 4 ability. Can't even imagine being able to clear the 4th set of dungeons yet, and she is lvl 80. Not even close.

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Phinalhour replied at 9-19-2013 11:13 AM
I have a Berserk SM with lvl 4 ability. Can't even imagine being able to clear the 4th set of dungeo ...

Yup, one need 100+ SM with 8 or 9 skill level to reach dungeon 7 or 8.

And it's better to leave SM in a safe place and let it fight alone, so send as few protective troops as possible. The more SM uses its missile, the higher the chance to win.

To give a rough picture, a lvl 101 SM with lvl 8 skill can kill 45 lvl 5 dragon + 5 lvl 170+ heros within one minute if all its missiles are targeted to troops. In a real fight, after cleaning half of the heros and dragons, one may safely deploy all other troops to wipe the base out.

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These posts actually tell me to get my butt further into the dungeons and really start farming Shards there.
I've been doing it very safe in the second dungeon where I get 3 shards every now and then, but the upside is that I don't lose a Hero at all while doing it
Now I see that the Shard reward might legalise the offering of a Hero every now and then.