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[Chat (Android)] which Hero to buy first?

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champions coma is deadly but succubus is great when it reaches the shrine. so both is good. just depends how the arena battle pans out.

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(85622327) replied at 9-23-2013 04:55 AM
I have a level 40 Champion and he sucks!

Champion isn't there for his "stats". He is there solely for his stun skill. In Arena, that could be a win or loss for you. Stat wise, the Champion is sub par for what he is worth, but is one of the key Heroes to have in a winning Arena lineup.

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(94724434) replied at 9-23-2013 12:45 AM
succubus is one of the strongest in arena when it solos to shrine. The dmg from the curse can go up  ...

While this is completely true, after taking the Ninja to 5 stars he out does the Succubus by a pretty generous amount. You have to calc in the attack speed time and proc damage. The Ninja will proc twice for every one of the Succubus proc's. Ninja proc = 16,400 Succubus proc = 22,000
Ninja * 2 = 32,800 against the 22,000 Succubus. a raw damage increase over the Succubus of 49%

Say the enemy has some Godly Shrine HP and can take more than a few proc's on it and this battle carries out longer. The Ninja only increases his lead over the Succubus by 149% of her value each proc she is able to get. And due to his lower attack frequency the proc times, compared to the Succubus will active at less of an interval until the Ninja proc's "lap" the Succubus proc's.

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Phinalhour replied at 9-23-2013 12:02 PM
While this is completely true, after taking the Ninja to 5 stars he out does the Succubus by a pre ...

That is why I usually suggest taking Ninja over Succubus when upgrading. The Ninja will out damage the Succubus due to the shear speed of getting to the Town Hall/Shrine and attack speed. More chances to proc. The Succubus just deals a large amount at one time. My main reasoning behind this is Succubus relies on the skill level more than other factors. Plus, the Ninja is just more versatile depending on the talent he has: single/dual lane or grouping.

You have to take into account other variables such as skill and talent level. My Succubus has Berserk and level 4/9 skill level and does 30k+ damage and that is just on the people in the 70-90 Arena rankings. The more HP, the more damage the Succubus can do. The Ninja will ultimately out damage Succubus in a prolonged fight, but in short term the Succubus would do slightly more damage depending on the skill/talent level.

Even then it also depends on the Ninja's skill/talent level as well. There are a ton of variable to consider, so it could go either way in who deals the most damage.

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