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[Chat (Android)] 8 hour Shield as a reward !

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Posted on 9/24/13 4:01:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Shield is something I only get when people manage to/want to raid more than 50%, so...
How about a reward Shield, like a shield to your disposal for every X h you spend active in the game.
And as soon as you have spent it, the same clock ticks down for a new Shield of the same type.
I don't really know if this is doable, but it could be a 8 h shield, and if you meet the standards to get a new one, but still haven't used the first one, you won't get it.
That way you can't stock'em.
It would also be a goodwill reward to those that actually and actively play the game.
I think it's doable because if I don't fiddle with my game for 10 minutes or so, I get logged out from the game. This is a setting from the developers, I think, and not my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3).
That way you can't just plug your phone/tablet to power and let it ride it's way to a Shield.

Anyway, just a thought I would like to share.
Feel free to comment.
After all I'm a free player that don't spend real money on games, so far ^o^

1Love from,

Mr.Ninja :D