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[Chat (Android)] defence stratagies

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Every time I watch the replays of people attacking me while I'm off line its the exact same thing. They deploy all of their troops together in a huge massive force. My defence as well as everybody's has limits on how far my troops can attack. Its impossible for 12 of my troops to take on 5 hero's and 48 other troops. Maybe to make it more interesting make it to where the defence troops along with my 5 hero's all attack together. That's the only way to stand a chance against attacks. It really isn't fair and I think it is useless when I'm trying to save up for 980000 gold to level up my town hall and never can because its physically impossible to earn that much gold in one day unless you buy it of coarse. If my troops didn't have limits on the attack and just attack the invaders together in the same way the invaders attack me then and then only would it be a fair fight. Sometimes my troops or hero's are standing right next to the invaders and don't attack because their base is not able to see the invader. That makes it 100,000,000 times harder to defend my resources. Taking off limits would deploy my defensive troops all together and it would allow me to have a massive force of defense. Would that sound like a good idea? I know some of you think that would be bad because then an invader could deploy one troop far away and that would make all the defends troops deploy away from the building leaving them vulnerable but that's not true because the defensive troops would defete that strategy with ease. Allowing there to be no limits on the range of attack on my troops would be the fairest way to defend my castle while I'm off line. Its frustrating...but I love this game. I think it might be a better idea. What a do you think? I would like to hear everyone's input. Here are snap shots of all the different ways I have strategically placed my buildings. In every case I am attacked and in ever case people with less might than me are able to sweep through. Its very hard to call it fair when its 12 against 48. Cannons magic towers and arrow towers are not enough to take on a massive sweep like the attackers do. I hope maybe this might come in a new update. Otherwise maybe my pictures can help others find a different idea of how to set it up. On all of these I didn't get sweeper easily but if I was able to show replays to you then you would see that its a good set up strategy but the limits of my troop attack creates it to be a pointless set up no matter what. I've placed the pictures in order from most resent to the earlier set up idea I've had in the past. Hope it help and please leave some ideas for me I will gladly take anything into consideration. Add me as a friend too if you want to discuss some strategies that way we can private message them so we can talk without getting all those dumb chat remarks from the public chat room. Thanks

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You are stealing to get the gold. people are stealing it back.

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Place your buildings in such a way that in order for the attacker to get to the gold vaults and gold mills they'd be forced to destroy at least 50% of your base (even better if 100%) - that is to scatter your vaults and mills around and not concentrate them in one area (which will be easy picking for the attackers). This will give you at least a 5-hour shield, which will significantly lessen the attacks on you, and you'll have more time to save up gold.