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[Chat (Android)] Event suggestions

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Posted on 9/28/13 4:12:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Events Hi I've been playing for a few weeks now and have participated in a few events and although there ok as a more general event to spread the game to other users across social media, I would like to see some more in game related events. I'm not sure if these kind of things have already been suggested but I would like to suggest the following events: 1) Weekend Arena Event. For this event I suggest every user either tring to achive: a) most areana battles, with the user with the highest number of battles getting a gem prize and then every one who reaches a fixed number of battles receiving a small number of gems. or b) most areana victories, as above with a winner with the most victories and everyone else reaching a different total receiving gems too. 2) player vs player raid event. For this event I suggest players try to gain the most xp, gold or mana over a fixed number of raids or a weekend. with a similar gem prize structure as above. What do you all think. cheers Dalrock