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[Chat (Android)] A group of hacker on Facebook

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Posted on 9/28/13 8:37:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear all,
I found a group of hackers on this site of Facebook
Most of hackers are Vietnamese and they are using Game Guardian, Game Killer as a tool to hack this game
They fix HP and Damage of troops and heroes to farm Shard in the final Dugeon
Firstly, I found the admin of this group doesn't share anything about hacking to his members
But they continute using it to destroy this game, they posted photos took when they was hacking.
Here is one of that admin account: (we can see the icon of hack tool in the middle of screen and a large amount of Shards)

One member use hacking too,his name in the picture:

Other members who use hack

I think we should ban their accounts and fix Castle Clash again

Posted on 9/28/13 8:51:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Posted on 9/28/13 8:59:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please avoid hack related post here, please report them immediately to live support PM me the details.