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[Chat (Android)] Need Hero / Game Guidance

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TheHolyHades replied at 9-28-2013 04:24 PM
That sounds like an interesting strategy - but doesn't it only work if the heroes are grouped togeth ...

Gotta be quick on that button buddy. I get 4 out and GA down in less than a second.
Your Heroes went to an Army Camp. This is what I mean by precision. The only thing you have direct control over is the first thing your units go to. A strategic and planned out LZ is crucial.

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Dear Hades answer to your first question: what i did was i exchanged my gems into gold to upgrade my griffin into level 4 and same as to my town hall. It'd save a lot of time farming gold but it also seems to be a waste of gems cause you can use gems to get more legendaries with that amount of gems (450 gems can be traded with 1 million gold depending on the market). However i am still willing to do it cause i have wasted thousand of gems to try and get a druid or ninja but sadly i have not been able to do so. As a player who doesnt buy gems like you i have so much pain in it so id rather use the gems to exchange something promising. Again if you have troubles raiding your opponent i suggest u to slow down upgrading ur townhall but focusing on training ur troops and heroes

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