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[Chat (Android)] When you reach 7k+ Might

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Posted on 10/2/13 6:34:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Agreed! The truth is I like this game bcoz of the high competition and Heroes but the problem is legendary heroes with great  talent is so rare, I mean you have to spent 99$ or more for that 5 best heroes plus the garrison also needs high lvl heroes. I juz dont have that money to have that legendary heroes so I only used then free gems and I just got 1 after 2weeks of playing.  :(

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One way to be successful in raids even without a complete line-up of legendaries: MAX OUT YOUR TROOPS' LEVEL AND NUMBERS.

64 Level 5 griffins (or centaurs) + 2 high level legendaries + 3 high level "support heroes" + 3-4 high level spells are enough to beat a base with an All-Legendary line-up. So it is not impossible to be successful against players with legendaries. It's all about strategy in the end. I laugh whenever I decimate a base with a defending $300 Spirit Mage who can't hold its own against a measly swarm of griffins. :lol

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well thats money can do... anyways this is also a imbalance of might system caused ..

might increases when yo upgrade some building like walls..  
Your opponent in raid is depends on your might. then why the buildings upgrade increases our might, when buildings has nothing to do in raid right??


Posted on 10/3/13 5:13:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

at least you have got a legendary after 2 weeks. i have spent every gem on them and have 5 lvl 61-80 and a few more lvl 60s and have yet to get one. i just want any legendary to replace my lvl 76 enfeeble painda :L.

either way it is true you can use werewolf to tank and griffins to 10% those pay2win players

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well thats money can do... anyways this is also a imba ...

Might is an indication of how "strong" you are, so ofc everything counts.

The system is still far from perfect... but saying this and that shouldn't increase might is for what purpose?

If they remove might from walls, everyone will drop in mights, you'll be fighting the same players :L

Posted on 10/3/13 5:21:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You shouldn't look down on people who have spent $100s or $1000s on this game if they enjoy it. They don't look down on you for having less of a disposable income than they do.

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People can do what they want with their money end of story no one should be judging anyone.

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i dont drink so, justified. ;) And yes, i have a SM

Posted on 10/3/13 6:16:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

obviously the game rules want you to progress further and competing only players around same level, that's what the might for. it is good to encourage upgrading.
however, its just plain silly players are governed by this and doesn't allow downgrading or seliing of stuff. if players unable to control their own game style, why do you even call this a stradegy game.
players' experience is getting boring. u can't find buddies to chat, u can't properly issue challenges to worthy players. entire game keeps talking abt random chances and luck.

Posted on 10/3/13 6:41:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

THIS..THIS is excatly what pisses me off bout ppl's mentality. Have u not heard the phrase 'got money got talk'? Reason why companies even start making game is to milk money out of it..So the richer you are the more rights you can brag..thats how the world rolls..u guys are so naive lol. And for those complaining bout no luck getting legends despite spending money on gems, let me ask you this. When you walk in to the casino and start gambling n had a losing streak of poker,  do you blame the dealer for the useless cards he gives you? Are you gonna start throwing a tantrum like a kid and rant throughout the casino cause the divines aint smilling upon you? When you even begin to gamble you alrd put yrself in a situation whereby you understand the risk that follows and will accept it. Such is the nature of gambling, be mature abit lol. If you cant accept this fact, dont even bother continue cause you cant even handle the real life.