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[Chat (Android)] Help what to buy with my shards

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Posted on 10/2/13 8:30:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

swakoo replied at 10-2-2013 09:13 AM static/image/common/back.gif
with my hero i can only run the 1st or 2nd skull dungeons...

That's perfectly fine, I think most people just farm 2nd skull dungeons anyways.  Otherwise if you went to 3+ you'd have to wait for troops between battles.

I know I farm the 2nd dungeon 1st skull when I'm only leveling like 1 hero so it doesn't die.  Otherwise I go to the 2nd dungeon 2nd skull if I'm deploying most/all of them.

I was in the same boat as others, had barely any shards after a couple weeks of playing, though I didn't seriously use many battles; especially at skull dungeons.  Around like August 31st I had like 50 shards and started to use as many battles as possible throughout the day (login like every 2 hours when you have a couple minutes).  Now I'm at 2007, which is roughly 60 shards a day.  Which seems to be around the number I've seen a few others post that are trying to farm.  Yep, pretty slow process to get legendary.

Posted on 10/2/13 10:02:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well, i think you should get the TG. Personally i got both of them ( FREE GEMS ROLLS! ) and Thunder God is the best. For raiding, they can hit hard, they can make some of the griffins ( 5~7) in an anonymous range. And for Arena, think of a group : pala,champion,druid,succubus and a Ninja.  And when your TG Hits them, most of the time they were hit until left Abit HP. Sometimes, they even kill them.

Posted on 10/7/13 4:21:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

got thunder god (3/5 berserk) from gem roll so i dont have to make this decision anymore :D
such a great hero for raids (and arena as well)

still wouldnt be able to decide this because thunder god is so expansive

300 more shards to go for succu and then i only need a ninja and have all legendarys

thanks anyway guys ;)

Posted on 10/7/13 4:26:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

lucky bastard

Posted on 10/7/13 4:52:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

well the first 80$ i spent i didnt get any legendary! so i had very bad luck... now i spent 120$ in total and have all but succu and ninja.

currently i dont know how to spend my gems from now on.
i currently have 5 workers (thats enough for me, maybe even too much. but currently they are all busy)
i have these heros
druid 2/5 enfeeble
champ 3/5 heavy blow
exec 4/5 stone skin
pala 2/5 war god
thunder god 3/5 berserk
assa 2/5 deadly strike

imo thats the perfect raiding team + a quite good assassin for arena

so i only need ninja and succubus and im 100% satisfied with my heros.

ill buy succu with shards soon.

so i dont know if i spend my gems for talent rerolls (especially druid, champ and paladin have bad talents) or if i go on with buying heros and try to get ninja and just consume all the other heros.