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[Chat (Android)] How do you raid? (Strategy)

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Posted on 10/4/13 2:19:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Been trying to level my champions up so doing dungeons all day long as they are available as well as trying to 100% as many people as I can throughout the day for extra xp.

at 5681 might
I raid with
71 paladin
67 druid
73 succubus
64 TG
57 ninja (or 68 assassin depending on who is dead)

My goal is to be able to raid with heroes + spells and not worry about relying heavily on troops.  

Usually I deploy heroes, guardian angel them then maybe restoration them.  Then eventually I end up needing the help from troops on most fights and more often than not at least 1 hero dies due to wandering off in a different direction from the druid and not getting heals. This lone ranger also results in me deploying troops to try to help them not die, which results in my troops being across the battlefield from my heroes which sometimes works sometimes it doesnt.

So wondering what people do who are able to successfuly keep heroes alive?  I am sure higher level would help but any tips or tricks?

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Posted on 10/4/13 2:38:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If you have a paladin and a druid I think you could go pretty far in just using those two. My technique (my 1 legendary is druid) is to throw druid out first and if I need to I can throw painda in with him since he has a lot of HP. And so those two take out a good amount of stuff and I can easily protect them with restoration and guardian angel for a while. Max out both of those spells if you havent cuz they last longer and don't use them until your heroes health gets pretty low because if you use guardian angel then while they are invulnerable druid can protect them and during restoration obviously you don't want to throw it on unless health is low. Of course if you throw your guys right into a killzone then throw invulnerability on as fast as you can. Those abilities are essential though glad you use them.
If you get far enough, once druid and paladin take out a good amount of stuff it becomes a lot safer to throw out other heroes like succubus and ninja. You could throw TG in at the start of course two since he is pretty dang strong (from when I see others using him). I am sure some of this just seems like common sense and is probably stuff you already know. Just place strong guys first and use your spells wisely, try never put heroes away from your druid unless you know they aren't in danger.
Another thing of course if to examine the enemy base. (incase you couldn't tell I am only talking about raiding people and not dungeons). You want to put your troops in a place where they will attack the base long-wise of you know what I mean. If the enemy base is a long rectangle then attack on one end so that your troops don't run off away from your druid and so if you need to use a spell all of your troops are in the same area.
If the base shape is more square I usually find it best to attack from a corner. It is really hard to make sure the troops are also close to druid though. I would definitely say protect druid the most with spells though since he is your most important resource.
Also...level up your druid way more! I don't know how hard it is to raid at 5500 might, I am at 4000, but my druid can usually 60-80% someone by himself giving like 1000 xp or more every time. He is a one man raiding party, he is OP as everyone complains. The higher he gets the better all of your other troops will be because he will be able to heal them for more HP. His ability will obviously also help your other troops a ton too so for raiding it is the most important one to level up. For the arena maybe his ability isn't quite the most important but it is still really good.
I hope this helps and wasn't just stuff you already figured out for yourself!

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Yea it sounds like I am doing it right just need more levels.

Trying to dig myself out of this inflated might hole.  I had all 68-70 heroes a week ago but then I got ninja, TG and druid through gems so I consumed 2 heroes and have been leveling those three up.  I solo dungeons on druid to keep his exp going faster because I agree, having a high level druid makes a large dif.

Just slow progress now due to waiting 15 mins between fights for the random dead heroes to come back to life.

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I've been in the same situation for a few weeks while waiting on HB to go to 5 stars, and I just stopped trying to level my heroes for a bit. I started messing around with another account and got to play the game the non pay way. So different, but so much more fun in the earlier stages. Manipulating might makes this game very easy.

Then the HB bonus came, and being at almost 15k might, I still can't raid without hero and troop loss unless I spend 200k+ on magic which I usually do and still lose troops and heroes. I'm impatient and instead of knocking on the door with spirit mage, I kick it in with a lv4 Ares Frenzy and my entire army.

Makes for some crazy raids with all the lv 5 dragons and heroes double atk, atk sp, and mov sp for 12 seconds. I screwed myself with might, but at least now I can raid, and do it with my style of pure aggression that I prefer.

Posted on 10/4/13 4:40:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yea I have a non paid smurf and am enjoying it.

5 heroes, 3 army camps, 3 mana/gold vaults and that is basically is a lot of fun although already hitting a HB wall with level 40 champs.

Things are actually getting a little more manageable, I had a couple raids now where I might lose a hero and a single troop without using any magic.  Basically sitting here the past 2 days doing every dungeon chance as they come up on druid and pounding raids with my team as heroes respawn!  I want to get them all in the 75-80 HB road block range.. at leas then I can basically put the game down for the next 3 months while the 100k HB i need to progress slowly trickles in. (seriously, it will take 41 days at 100hb/hr to take all heroes past 80.. that is dumb =/)