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[Chat (Android)] The new bought Hero is not showing

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Posted on 10/5/13 2:02:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yesterday I bought a new Hero with honor badges. I got Assassin. This is the second Assasin i have. The problem is that I can not place this new Assassin in new Hero Base or I can not take him to raids, dungeons or arena. Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

Posted on 10/5/13 2:06:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You cannot have more than one of the same hero placed in your hero bases. If you want to use the new assassin then you need to removed the other assassin and place that one. And for the arena, if you have double ups of a hero, you can only place the highest level one.

Hope I helped.