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Alright, 66 days in to the game and i gues i found out my stratigy. At first i thought it was building up a good defence. This was then u was rewarded still for winning a defence battle. Then that reward went away. I was still updating my buildings at that time. I knew at some point i would have to update my heros so i tried to do both at the same time. Then i found out that defence was useless. Heros and updating them was the way to go. I dont know how ppl update that fast (i see 120+ heros) but thats my focus now. If u have great tips on how to level up fast please share. Yes i know that u can say dungeons and MUCH raiding... but thats not what i am asking. Im asking the more advanged tips here.

I Also found out another game witch i will not name came to android. Installed it and tried it. I like it but i like the heros in castle clash better. I will try the other game and depending on what the updates in castle clash will be and how fast they will come i will choose 1 game witch i will play. Just dont feel to play 2 games of the same kind.

Greetings and have a good weekend!

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some people are power leveling.... just sending out one hero by itself and attacking something that will give them %... then forfeit before they die, yea you lose hb but if you're at zero who cares. you'd be surprised how fast you get lvls like this

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that other game is lame. they only have 2 heroes to choose with and a bit cartoonish and much more like a kid's game to me. i love castle clash... :D

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One simple trick I use is to find castles with poor layouts or they are low on troops. Send out four or all five heroes depending how hard to beat they look. Use only bare minimum magic. I try to get away with just restoration or ares fervor. Ill end up making a little gold or at least breaking even. All heroes usually survive. I have a druid or this wouldnt work. My heroes share 2k+ exp and as long as I can find opponent's I do it over and over. Always to 100% or at least 50% to save hb. I find a decent amount of easily raidable bases

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solo dungeons, i.e. use one hero in level one dungeon. Should be able to get 30 - 40 runs a day.

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solo dungeons, i.e. use one hero in level one dungeon. Should be able to get 30 - 40 runs a day.

Solo'ing dungeons is good for leveling 1 or 2 Heroes, when you can't finish dungeons in the 4th Dungeon easily due to Heroes and levels, or during a short period of time.

If you can do a majority of the 4th Dungeon then it is better to go as group, even though the exp is split, the more runs you do the more the exp accumulates, and you'll actually gain more than solo'ing. But this method is mostly for leveling more than 2 Heroes at a time.

Another method is to continually spam raids and leave before your Hero/Heroes die. This is best when you have very little HB, since you'll lose HB every raid.

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You should ask hin126, I dont know how but he's leveling 10 times faster than me.

He got 1 or 2 heroes at lvl 130 now... paladin at like 126 -.- lol.

But I guess he just plays 10 times more than me... raiding none stop with no losses give the most exp.

I'll make a thread when I have enough time about the actual goal of this game and how it can change many times over your progression.

For now let me just say this, hero easy to level up are heroes good in raids, not in arena.

I stoped focusing on leveing up my main dmger for the arena: ninja, succubus, champ. (except for SM if you count it)

Now I raid only with 4 heroes, sometimes throwing on another one:

SM, Druid, TG and paladin.

I believe than if I had raid focused talents at high level on these 4 heroes, I would level up 2 times faster and could raid endlessly without loosing them.

My main problem right now is that my paladin is at "only" lvl 100 which is low for me, cause I didnt trained him since I never used him in the arena.

Now I realize I made a mistake since he's a key hero in raid.