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[Chat (Android)] percentage based raid loot

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Posted on 10/5/13 12:28:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to suggest a percentage based loot reward system.
Very simple system:
Say you raid a player and the raidee has 120,000 gold and 80,000 mana and you finish with only 50% damage to the raidee, the raider would only get 50% of the loot they were able to destroy so far example if they hit all the loot but only did 50% they would walk away with 60,000 gold and 40,000 mana.

By basing the loot on the percentage of damage done during the raid players will still get some loot but would not receive the same full reward unless doing 100% damage.

It makes no sence when i see my defense won but the raider who did 25% damage and walked away with a full share.

Posted on 10/5/13 12:39:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If they left at 25% because they got all your gold and quit that is your fault.

If they left at 25% because you killed their army then you should get a bonus.