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[Chat (Android)] Arena Dream Team and Best Overall Hero Talent Combo

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Posted on 10/5/13 2:22:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I believe the most powerful hero talent combo for the Arena has to be Druid with 5/5 revitalize or Succubus with the same. Druid boost the entire team by 25% or more, bur Suvcubus means insta DPS wins. Tough to choose between those two, but I wouldn't trade my Druid for anything.

Ninja's Self-Destruct isn't in the same league as those two. Champ with revitalize is great for head to head but it lacks DPS. Spirit Mage insta proc'ing is another incredible head to head talent, but beserk might be better for pure DPS when comboed with Druids Revitalize.

My dream team would look like this:

Startimg line-up of
Druid, Champ, Succubus with 5/5 Revitalize.
Ninja with 5/5 Self-Destruct.
Spirit Mage with 5/5 Revitalize too.

This lineup is almost the perfect DPS combination with exception of Ninja who will be vital for 5v5 situations.

On the bench for versatility:
Paladin with 5/5 Tenacity. (Easy counter for a revitalize Ninja or even Deadly Strike)
Assassin with 5/5 Self-Destruct.

Is there a counter for a head on 5 vs 5 with an exploding Ninja and Assassin followed by an insta proc from Mage and a stun from champ, and all of these talents get boosted by 25%+ by Druids Energetic? That's like 40k in DMG in under 5 seconds. I don't think there's a counter for that.

I've got 2 pieces of my dream team with my Druid (5/5 Revitalize) and Ninja (4/5 Self-Destruct).

If I could add anything, it would be a revitalized Succubus to end any DPS concerns. Then Revitalized Mage to cbow with Ninja.

Too bad I'll never get that combo, however, after doing some real quick mental gestimation calculations in my head that seem unbeatable, I figured I share my Arena wish list.

What would your arena dream team look like?

***Thunder God omitted since I have leveled him enough yet, but I would love to hear some input on his Arena Ability.

Posted on 10/5/13 2:42:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

5/5 Revitalize on all is my Arena Dream Team; I could single lane or group Ninja w/ a 5/5 Revitalize on him.

TG is straight for Arena if you don't have a Champion or lack another Legendary. You just have to place him carefully, or he'll run ahead in a group. You need a high level Revitalize on him for Arena to efficiently utilize him.

I have my Heroes for my Dream Team, just not the talents.

Posted on 10/5/13 2:51:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Revitalize clearly is the best talent to give to most heroes in the arena.

Not only good for the arena, but beast to defend your base too, only downside is for raid and dungeons.

But this down side is imo a huge one, since once you got enough HBs to upgrade everything that you want, you might regret being too arena based on your team. (I'm starting to feel this lol)

Now for what I think would be best in the arena, I think a team and can never lose is the way to go. The problem about your dream team is that it will always win on second try, but you can be outdmged by some players so you wont always win.

The best way to always win is to first of all, make it impossible for the enemy's ninja to reach your shrine.

A way would be to:

Use ninja self destruct 5/5 in one lane

Use champion revitalize 5/5 on another lane

Use TG revitalize 5/5 on the third lane. Usualy TG will use his skill on the hero in fornt of him, or sometimes if he end up again one hero only, he'll use his skill on a group of hero in another lane. After reaching shrine he will always use skill on shrine.

Finally you can combine SM revitalize 5/5 with one of the stunner, I think it would be better to combine it with TG. That way if you end up facing 5 heroes of the oppenent, TG and SM will cast both of their skill killing 5 heroes in an instant.

As you can see succubus ,druid, even paladin could be used at this point, the thing is no ninja can survive this. And one way of another you'll probably end up killing every hero on the other side because of ninja's SD, SM and TG.

Note that you can combine druid 5/5 revitalize with SM and TG for max dmg, or send succubus in the lane you prefer with revitalize 5/5.

I would prefer by far a berserker 5/5 on my druid though since you'll need to level up these heroes and berserker is much better in raids.
Even at very high level, spirit mage will not even kill ninja in one hit, even helped by druid if you're fighting heroes around the same level.

Oh and one more thing, in the arena a war god 5/5 for spirit mage can be even better than a berserker 5/5 combined with a good druid.

I beleive than addind 30% dmg to the 26% dmg of the druid can then make your SM one hit kill some heroes (especially ninja and clearly assassin lol). Using berserker can't kill them one hit giving other heroes time to heal with druid.

Finally (unless I think of something else again lol) Paladin with revitalize 5/5 is much better than any other talents. If you have a skill that give 70% dmg reduction, then paladin will cast on the first attack giving him the equivalent of 60k + hp loll.

Ok I'll stop I think I wrote enough :P

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my team is almost a dream team. Does anyone have pally with enfeeble? Sometime I think it will be very good for raiding.

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Gazelle, he did ask about an "Arena" dream team not an "overall" Dream Team. I think you read too much into it.

Revitalize 5/5 on all Heroes would be the best for Arena, then. You have more versatility w/ your Heroes since you can proc the skill 100% before dying each time. Split lanes, wing lanes, grouping, etc...It all works effectively.

Posted on 10/5/13 3:49:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thats really info and I just saw your idea put into place in the are a against LJ. I couldnt do a thing against him since he covered all 3 lanes preventing me from getting Ninja and Succubus to the shrine. Revitalize on Mage is so sick.

Posted on 10/5/13 4:09:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think a 5/5 revitalize paladin is better than tenacity for damage soaking.

Posted on 10/5/13 5:17:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You guys don't think 5/5 stone skin on paladin paired with a high revitalize druid is better his sheild should active before he dies with the heal

Posted on 10/5/13 5:29:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

SandSeven a posté en 10-5-2013 04:49 PM
Thats really info and I just saw your idea put into place in the are a against LJ. I couldnt do a th ...

Believe it or not LJ and many others were not rly using split defense until i got in the top spots.
Or not using it the right way.

Also soloing a lane with a paladin to block can be very VERY deadly.

At some point Hin126 was doing that, I tried for fun to send only my SM in that lane and I was soo close to win xD. Then I combined SM and druid on that same lane and won against his 5 heroes lvl 120 haha.

Posted on 10/5/13 5:41:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

my team is Druid 4/5 Berserk, Paladin 4/5 Berserk, Succubus 1/5 Berserk, SM 1/5 Revitalize, and Champ 4/5 Revitalize. i have yet to find anyone who can beat me 5v5 in same lane. im 85%+ in seperate lanes