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[Chat (Android)] WTF! Ovped Hammer Dwarfs or hack?

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Report and let live support look into it. They'll figure it out

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Smexpon1 replied at 10-5-2013 03:53 PM
I thought castle clash was unhackable since almost everything is server sided...

In order to cut down on bandwidth and latency, a lot of mobile games like CC will run battles client-side and report results to the server.  It's not like a typical MMO where all stats are run on the server.  Because of this, I believe most of the exploits up until now probably tinker with values in memory on the client.

I don't think they will ever change this, but there are some "tricks" the devs could use to authenticate the results at least a bit.  I'm guessing they started to do this to cut back on hackers.  I'm not positive on the best techniques to prevent this sort of hack, as am I a form game developer but don't have too much experience on the network side of things :D

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I found a suspicious player, what do I do?
If you've found a suspicious player who you think may be participating in illegal activities (this includes, but is not limited to hacking) then you have a few options. You can directly talk to Live Support with your evidence, you can submit a Bug Report using the in-game Bug Submit button, or you can private message Vincent_Megia, any of the Administrators, or myself with your evidence and details. We would be happy to send your information to the correct person.

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