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If you don't want to read most of this post, my best idea (in my opinion) was at the line break.
Castle Clash is fun but it seems like almost 100% of the game has some P2P stuff which is necessary to be best. Take my favorite game ever halo for example. My best buddy didn't own an xbox but came over to various friends' houses and played halo with them and he was a good amount better than me when I owned it and played thousands of games online. It didn't take him to own the game to even be amazing at it, or as much time, he had more skill and strategy.
My point isn't to bash the paying aspect since I play for free and they need to earn money off of the game. But I feel like adding more fun factor to the game will help attract players anyways.
My super awesome fun factor idea is something that levels the playing fields. Some sort of mini games or missions where you have to work within the perameters the mission gives you and you don't get to bring in your outside heroes and troops to help. You can have missions where we are given default heroes and troops and spells and have to take out certain bases. Maybe we have a special time limit where we have to take out a base before time runs out and survive at the same time. In most raids my druid can kill everything he has time to but he will run out of time at like 70%. There is a balance between how much time it takes through being careful and just rushing in sometimes.
I don't know if missions are a good idea but I think it'd be fun to have some aspect of the game like missions where the freebie players were leveled with the P2Pers. Itd be good for the community for sure. You would have the people who can't roll even 1 legendary (who don't pay) competing with equal chances of winning vs the top player on CC. I don't really have a good feel for what the mini game or mission should be, my mission idea feels a little weak I feel, but something like this that takes strategy above everything and requires little luck, would be super cool. I know there is a lot of strategy in CC already but it takes good heroes to play most of the time.

OH OH OH I just had the bestist idea...I am excited. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a bracket in arena for ordinary troops, elite, troops, and legendary troops? I don't mean they should get rid of the current arena, I just mean adding some other arenaish thing where the top ordinary hero squad can hold the #1 spot and the top elite hero squad can hold the #1 squad in a separate arena bracket all while keeping our current arena where anything goes. I don't know, that just felt like a really awesome idea which could revitalize the game some...5/5

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seems kinda similar to dungeons but sounds much more interesting, dungeons now seem a tad repetitive after a while though

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SkyRiderX replied at 10-6-2013 07:49 PM
seems kinda similar to dungeons but sounds much more interesting, dungeons now seem a tad repetitive ...

tbh id prefer if they called it missions, just sounds cooler =p

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I like the idea of set troops to add strategy not just overpoe

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overpowering a dungeon

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love this idea, espically the different groups for arena. It would give me a reason to lvl other types of heros for a chance.