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[Chat (Android)] hero roles

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So I know a lot of people always ask about which heroes to use and what heroes are best for raiding or arena and stuff like that.

I was thinking. .. Instead of just having a bunch of threads with people asking questions (or even one consolidated thread), why not have a thread listing or the different roles heroes play in the different scenarios and how best to utilize each? That way people can make up their own minds on what heroes to use and only need to ask specific questions.

I'm still fairly new so I don't know all the heroes too well but I have noticed usually heroes marked with a star have more supportive roles, sword are offensive. Ninja and assassin are quick+high damage and in arena are put solo Lane.
If someone could elaborate on each of the different symbols and eventually each individual hero that would be awesome and would probably be sticky worthy!


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Cool dude. If it becomes big enough I'll stick it in our Guides section along with my Hero Help Thread.

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Cyclops has medium damage, but AOE skill - good for raids
Executioner has better damage with stun AOE - generally average
Assassin - High damage, high speed, but low health. Kinda runs to her death, but dangerous if high enough lvl
Shaman - Low damage, High health, Supportive skill reduces enemy atk

umm... dunno thats pretty much my team